Q & A

Things are coming along nicely and now the questions are starting to come in. WHEW! I was a little concerned there for a minute. (It's not like I don't know how many of you swing by my site every day, because I do babies, I DO!) I HEART SiteMeter!

Anyhoooo, it appears that some of my friends are still carrying over (read: hungover) the massive blog party from the weekend into this week. There was just ONE itsy bitsy thing missing from this gathering...... ME! I was supposed to be there, but, alas, circumstances beyond my control prevented it. Oh well, next time. When I finally get to go, it will just be an excuse for another gathering is all! They know I was there in spirit.

If y'all are slightly curious, go check out the great pics & play-by-play or as I like to call it evidence of my pals shennagians here, or here, or here too. You could also go over and visit here as well. And not to be forgotten, not by a long shot, NEVER EVER in a million years, there are my buddies here and here. (If that isn't a fine bit of link lovin to my fellow bloggers, hell if I know what is!)

Back to the Q&A otherwise known as "The Inquisition". Now we are getting to some interesting questions, and it's about time (Cheryl b.). Heh. To be real honest? I'm shaking in my proverbial boots at what this joker is going to come up with as a question. Cat, I know you are probably working your 12-hour nursing shifts, so, you can give a tardy question if necessary. (See? that's Love!)

I look forward to answering your questions, every one of you. I think I'll make this a weekly thing after all.


Indigo Wolf said...

OK, I'm ready for some answers!
-Carrie Jo

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