My Confession

Did you all know what next Thursday the 21st is? It's the first birthday of Scarlett's Haven! Wow! Almost a whole year. I can hardly belive it. You've been with me through my ups and downs. My struggles to become pregnant. My unemployment and job search, trials and tribulations and all the crap in between. Some readers have come and gone, but to those of you who have stuck with me, I give you my thanks and my love.

And to those of you who are fairly new to my Haven, welcome. Thanks for coming by and thinking it was worth another visit. I hope I can improve year by year. Hang around, it just might get interesting!

Now then.

Well everyone, it's that time of the week again. Thanks for visiting and giving me a few questions.

Catrina asked this week a medical question since she's a nurse and all (oh, and loves me):

Have YOU had your blood sugar checked?

To answer Cat and those of you that give a rats’s ass, yup, sure have! Every so often I check it. So far, so good. (now where-oh-where is some wood for me to knock on?) *tap,tap,tap* Yes, thankfully, so far my blood pressure is usually pretty much near if not perfect, good cholesterol levels, and blood sugar within normal range. Actually, I’m more hypoglycemic & anemic than anything.

Got wood? (Careful there wise-ass men readers!)

Now then, on to my next quesiton....

Carrie Jo, I believe, misses Yahoo! IM-ing with me, (I miss you too babycakes! MWAH!!) because she asked me:

Has anyone ever caught you doing something embarrassing? What was it? (heehee I'm evil, I know.)

Yeah Carrie Jo, you're evil, but I love you for it! Well, I have to say my most embarrassing moment(s) had to be when Monster walked in on Z and I making love. MORE THAN ONCE. (And what I still want to know to this day is….. “Why in the HELL did I have to be on TOP SEVERAL OF THE TIMES SHE WALKED IN?”. The ‘me being on top’ part is what stuck in my memory.) Also, she wouldn’t knock, she would just walk in and STARE at us in all our glory for the longest time before she would get the hell out and there we were, HORRIFIED. No knocking, or anything, just walks in and....... S.T.A.R.E.S.- A.T. - USSSSS.

Sicko freak. Traumatizing as hell too.

Before any of you say anything, yes, I’ve heard of locks, but we locked it, (or so we thought) but she kept screwing with the locks. I know for a fact, because we kept replacing them. And yes, all those caps were necessary!!

Cheryl b, my buddy, my pal asked me a sort of typical, yet somehow tame (and you long time readers will know what I mean) question this week:

Who is your favorite super hero and why? Also, are there any that you think are hot?

My favorite SUPERHERO has to be this guy! Heee hee!! But to answer your question properly, My favorite male superhero is Superman and my favorite female is Wonder Woman.

Superman, I think, because he was the underdog orphan, you know? He had to learn to deal with his superpowers but was still just an average Joe, or Clark to be more precise. He always took time to help people in need. Also? I always wished I could fly with him like that witch Lois Lane. Sigh.

Now Wonder Woman. I always wanted her golden lasso (still do), invisible airplane and those bulletproof bracelets. She was kick ass, but still very feminine. Gorgeous too. She always saved the world from bad guys, because she was all those things I listed before, and intelligent.

Superman. answers your second one too. He was damn hot! (oh yeah, double t)

Well, that's all the answers to the questions I had this week. Blogger must have pissed off Ollie and Wenchie this week. Blogger bastards.


A Thought Or Three

It's sometimes a little bit scary, the avenues and paths my mind will wander along. But first. To begin with, a little reminder to get your questions in for this week's Inquisition. You have until 12 Noon, Tuesday, Pacific Time to get your question in for me to answer. All of you continue to amaze me with your questions.

Now then. I'm curious what you all are going to think of this. I found out that Z's specialist for his Diabetes ALSO specializes in treatment of PCOS. Hmmmmmm.Coincidence? I wonder. Turns out that Z spent as much time (giving wrong info about my past treatment history apparently. sigh.) talking about my PCOS as about his diabetes. If only he had given accurate information the doctor would have been informed. Like, for example, he neglected to mention that I had been taking glucophage AND Clomid when I got pregnant a few years ago with the baby I miscarried. He kind of left the bit about the Clomid out. Then, he couldn't remember the name of the meds I was taking for MY IVF trials after that first failed one. Uh huh. Shall I continue?

I will say one thing. I kinda love this doctor of his. Know why? Cause he asked Z last week "So, where's the boss?" (ie: me.) Love. That. Haaaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaahahahhahahahaha. He also complimented me and said that I made his life very easy since I apparently have such excellent medical knowledge and background.

Thanks doc. Right back atcha babe!

How about a casual observation from my desk here at work. It's a hoot, believe me.

Picture this: I'm sitting at my desk in my office talking to my assistant and another secretary when I notice out of the corner of my eye out on the triangular ledge outside my window a couple of pigeons. I casually remark "Oh look, he's showing off. I bet she's in heat". Mere seconds later, they start mating right there in front of us. Once. Twice. Thrice. and four times. I find I have only one thing to say to this really, once I stopped laughing.........

Lucky bitch.