"It's Beyond My Control....."

That is one of my favorite movie lines ..... EVAH. Do you recognise it, I wonder? Yes, I really DO want to know. Do you remember the movie it came from-one of my favorites- and even better, WHO said it? I love this actor. Hint: he's a bit weird, but sexy, in a weird way, and I'll watch just about anything he is in. PS: Duh, the hint was it is a MAN.

At any rate, it is very appropriate for why there hasn't been a blog post from little ole me in the past couple of days.

Blogger sucks ass lately, that's why. Therefore, it's beyond my control.

I've tried to post-count em- 3 posts in the past two days and I get everything all done and purty, ready to post for you and then I hit "publish" and..... Nothin. It -Blogger-crashes. Asswipes.

On another note, Z was diagnosed day before yesterday with Type 2 Diabetes, he was very close to falling into shock when I dragged his ass in to the doctor. (He's worse than a 3 year old going for immunizations) I got a crash course in injection giving (so did he) and how to check his glucose levels, what to eat, what NOT to eat...

Back to the needles. I don't know who was more traumatized, me or him. The jury is still out on that one. I managed to get sneaky when talking to his specailist when I said "Thanks Doc! He's gonna have to be a pussycat to me 24/7 now that I get to stick him with needles!" This was said with a BIG grin on my part. Next thing I know, I hear "GIVE ME THAT SYRINGE!". Heh. I'm a weasel, aren't I? But I'm still doing the glucose checking and preparation of the insulin shots, so, I get my sticking time in too! heee heee. Poor guy. *poke* I told him, one peep out of you and I'll remind you of ALLLLLLL those needles I've taken trying to get pregnant.

But my poor hubby, he is such a cookiemonster and chocoholic specifically, so when the whole "bye bye to real chocolate & sweets (and rice and pasta, and potatoes for the time being)" hit him, I swear he got teary. Funniest thing he said last night, when I pointed out all the stuff they have for diabetics, diabetic chocolate, cookies, etc.. for when his insulin gets under control, I guess he thought about it for a while, cause about 2 hours later, he looked at me and said "You think there is such a thing as diabetic chocolate cake?". I couldn't help but laugh. He looked so damn hopeful.

What sucks? Arianna. When she sees ME get injections, she is morbidly fascinated by the whole process, and laughs her ass off while I'm getting stuck. But last night? The mere thought of her Dad being poked with that gun-needle thingie for the glucose test got her choked up and covering her eyes (wtf??) and the whole injection of the insulin made her run sobbing out of the room. W.T.F.???

Man, that's unfair. And yes, I'm pouting.

Last chance y'all for questions for the Inquisition this week. Questions? Anyone? Anyone? Helloooooooooooo???????

*Crickets chirping*



A great woman has passed away. Dr. Georgeanna Seegar Jones, who helped develop the program that led to America's first "test-tube baby," has died. She was 92.

When I read of her many accomplishments here,-her work laid the foundations for home pregnancy tests, for example- I was even more amazed. And grateful. Because of her and her husband,(and the pioneer in England too) and work of others after her, many women like me who might never have had children or even the HOPE of having a child of their own now have an option. An expensive one, yes, but an option. Hope. A possibillity. As someone who has gone through four IVF proceedures, (although failed) I salute her.

Rest in peace Dr. Jones. You definetly deserve it. God Bless you.


Happy Easter!

To all my readers and frequent or infrequent lurkers, I'd like to wish you a Happy Easter whether you're Christian or not!

I mean, The Easter Bunny has NOTHING to do with Christianity, now does he? Nope.

I'm accepting Easter gifts in the form of Chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, cause I love them SO and we don't get them here where I live, which is thoroughly depressing in the extreme, believe me! Alternatively, Easter Egg shaped rescues Peanut Butter Cups will drive you DEEP into the recesses of my heart with the force of TNT.

I would also like to announce that I am formally re-instating The Weekly Inquisition, for those of you who have missed picking at my brains each week, starting this week.

In case you've forgotten, ask me a question , whatever strikes your fancy, by 12 Noon Pacific time on Tuesday and I'll reply by Wednesday morning. That's it.

Go on, I'll be waiting. For both your chocolate donations AND your questions.