Mama Needs A Snuggle

Hello. Am tired. Beyond. Belief.

Had a L-O-N-G day and then when I got home, late, things kinda went downhill from there- with the excecption of Z holding Connor at the front gate waiting for me to come from parking my car. (with my horny cat half-draped off the upstairs balcony yowling for someone to come make her day and be quick about it!) That's some welcome home, I tell you.

Z's friends came over for a bit while I was making dinner (and burning onions on low instead of sauteeing them.) How I managed to burn them on low temp I'll never know. Aidan had fallen asleep in my arms, so Z put him on his mom's bed in her downstairs bedroom and I thought he took him upstairs to his own bed with the others with nannies watching over them while I cook.

I heard crying but thought it was upstairs, so I didn't go running. Turns out Z's mom had gone in her room, and then come back out again shutting the damn door- Aidan woke up, cried a bit, then freaked the hell out at being alone and went into total meltdown. When I realized, I ran to him, and it took a good 45 min to get him calmed down. So I guess that means i'm pissed and tired. my poor guy. You wouldn't believe that about an hour after his freak out he was sitting on my lap rocking himself back and forth like he's in a rocking chair laughing uncontrollably at his daddy telling him "I LOVE YOU!" over and over again.