It's official. I'm in lust. Survivor 9 will be easy on my eyes I think. Yes indeedy!

The hottie on Survivor? He's smart and damn but he is mighty fine to look at. Brady. Is that his name? The FBI Agent? *wipes drool* He is bloody hot. His smile could melt buttah. And his body? Sleek and muscled and altogether yummy. I want to do very naughty things to and with that man.


Ok, maybe in a few weeks, when the real personalities come out (although on some they already are!) he may end up the vilest asshole, but he will STILL be a fine piece of man! I think he is smart enough to stay on for a while though... that FBI traning has to come in handy, no?

*pant pant, drooling*

I think I want to take up a collection and get Jeff the host a new shirt or two. He was wearing the same shirt at Tribal Council that he wore during most of the ALL-STARS tribal councils. Poor dude. He must not get paid enough. *Snicker, snort, guffaw*Yeah right!

Oh and Cat? Yes, it started this week! You better check your cable guide babycakes! Cause they are already getting nasty and bitchy on both teams!!!! *rubbing hands together with glee* There is a girl on the team, the one that never shuts up, I can't remember her name,...... I hope they vote her off first, cause she gets on my last damn nerve already!

So, what did you all think of the first episode of survivor?
On another note, I would take your advice and go cough on monster, but actually? She has had this a week longer than me, and I think I got the initial cooties from her coughing all over the place and not covering her mouth. Yech. No, my trusty Lysol did not save me this time, dammit.

For the record, I did go kiss up to my ENT and he gave me some freebie meds to clear me right up he said. I went and muscled my way past the new and clueless receptionist that doesn't know me very well, otherwise she would have just waved me on back instead of attempting to get in my way; then into his office to "say hello" and he promptly dragged meto the exam chair after I squeaked out "hi DOC!". He made much gasping and tutting when he looked down my throat and up my nostrils. I told him all I've been doing for myself, he told me :"Thats my girl!" and said, But it hasn't helped huh?" I said no, and then he opened up his goodie drawer!! Yaaaay! 3 cheers for Dr. Majeed!!!! Hip Hip! HORRAY! Hip hip! HORRAY! Hip HIP!! HOORAY!!!!!



I’ve had better weeks, that’s for sure.

I still feel like crap. Really horrid and yes, I’m worse now. Despite all my best efforts, the infection is deep in my lungs. I have a lovely hacking cough. To the point that now, my voice is super scratchy. Yes darlings, I sound like Demi Moore on helium. Hahaha.

I feel so rotten in fact, that I don’t even have the energy to take care of myself. As in, I FORCE myself to go make some hot tea to try and scald/numb temporarily my( what feels like) a shredded throat. (Descriptive sucker, aren’t I?)

In case you don’t realize how rotten? Last night we rented Van Helsing, and I hacking coughed off and on throughout the 2hr movie. I really wanted some orange juice that I knew was in the fridge. My husband, Mr. Considerate, got thirsty about a third of the way thru the movie, went to the kitchen, got himself something to drink, brought the glass (ONE glass) AND the Lemonade jug with him, and proceeded to down it. Yes, ALL OF IT. I didn’t even have the energy to make a smart ass comment or give a dirty look. No, I wasn’t being lazy, I’m just very weak and sore from the incessant coughing.

Somebody make me a cup of tea? Chicken soup? Glass of water? Anyone???????

I am also pissed. Blogger is totally blowing lately. Don’t go thinking that I forgot you dear readers! NO! The Blogger bastards ate TWO of my posts. Yes Two. Capital “T”. Uh huh. Blogger is now on My List. Trust me, on My LIST is not somewhere you want to be for any amount of time.

See, I love y’all and was trying to post some really charming and (naturally) funny posts for you even though I am pretty sick and feeling nasty rotten and, well, SORE everywhere from the ribs on up, but BLOGGER.COM screwed up.

Are you feeling the love yet? Good.

Now, we subscribe to Showtime and today, just now in fact, they got in my GOOD GRACES and pole-vaulted themselves off MY LIST. What did they do?

They sent a SMS message to Mr. Considerate’s cell-phone reminding us that Survivor’s new series starts showing tomorrow, and they gave us the channel AND timing.

I HEART Showtime!

I can’t wait! I will miss Rupert the Pirate/Hippie’s big ole teddybear self on the show though. How can I not? He was on for two seasons straight! I love me some Rupert. I have a question. Did anyone else besides me want to jump into the TV and bitch slap “Johhny Fairplay” into next YEAR? Grrrrrr.

Heaven help me, I cant’ get our whole “That time of the month on Survivor” discussion out of my head still. I feel damn sorry for whichever of the crew has to dispose of their used tampons. That is some harsh shit right there. Dayum.

Is everyone else ready for the new season?


Not Again!

Hello my lovlies. It would seem that every year I get the same gift in September for my birthday.

A damn lung infection. Just freaking greaaaaat.

It starts out innocently enough as my sinuses and allergies bothering me. The odd sneeze and sinus headaches. Tenderness on the face where the sinuses rest in the head. But add to this high temperatures and most importantly DAMN HIGH HUMIDITY and VOILA! You have the beginnings of what will end up as a throat and chest infection.

Yesterday, I heard the telltale crackling noise in my face and head that tells me I'm fucked. That is the sound, fyi, of infected sinuses. so, the infection typically spreads from my sinuses and back of my nose into my throat. from there, it spreads down my esophagus, taking a Great White bite out of my larynx on the way by to my lungs. If it stays in my throat and larynx, I'm not too bad off. But this morning when I woke up, I could feel the beginnings of a wheese in my chest. That is NOT GOOD. If it gets in my chest, I have to be monitored closely to make sure it doesn't become pnuemonia, which it has done in the past. Man, this usually entails hospitalization, IV lines and IV antibiotics and , like last year, nebulizers every hour on the hour. I actually LIKE the nebulizer's though. It opens up the airways, works as an expectorant, and I can BREATHE with little pain. Never mind that I get the shakes from it like a junkie in bad need of a fix. Plus, it crams oxygen into my lungs. Last year, I went through 2 1/2 oxygen tanks as tall as I am almost. (They were about 5'5)

I'm doing all the things that from experience, I know to do when I feel this coming on... but it all seems to be in vain. Taking my allergy pills. Using my extra inhalers and broncho-dialators (for my asthma), cough suppresants...etc..etc...etc... losenges, hot drinks (shudder. Do you know how I LOATHE drinking hot drinks in 108 degree heat? Ugh.)

I have a weak immune system. I've had contagious Mono TWICE in my life. It kicked my ass and my immune system permanently. I'm always careful to stay away from sick people and I'm so anti germ it's hilarious. Anti-bac everything and Lysol is my best friend. No, I haven't reached Wacko Jacko's extreme yet.. I doubt I will.

Who takes care of Mommy when she is sick? Mommy. Mommy takes care of everyone when they don't feel well., including herself, sorta.

Sigh. I feel rotten. I want my Mama!

Dazed and Confused

That would be a fitting description of me right now. Ok, and slightly pissed too.

I just can't, for some reason, manage to get myself all psyched out about looking for a job. I AM actively looking for a job, I think maybe that didn't come out right. I go on interviews. I send in my resume hither and yon. I go on more interviews. I DO get my hopes up.... and then get them dashed. I hear positive, very positive feedback from the lady at the employment agency after my interviews.


Now, I can't even get excited about an upcoming interview, cause to me, it's just ANOTHER ONE. Maybe I'm trying subconciously to not get even more down about my current situation? I don't know.

Also? Z is getting rather hostile and generally pissed about me not working. Ok, maybe highly irritated? Either way, I tried explaining to him how I feel, but he doesn't want to hear it. Just gets real short and snarls and snaps, then denies that he's done it. Grrrrrrr.

Look. I get all gussied up in a suit that makes me feel good so that I can walk in with confidence. I show up, impeccacably groomed (as if I would do otherwise) and I do my best to knock their socks off. Actually, I give good interview. I do my best and when I walk out of the office, I know that I couldn't have done any better. I am confident with my interview performance. And then I wait.... and wait.... and wait.

But do I hop up and down like the Enegizer Bunny? Um, no. ANd THIS pisses Z off. I asked him "You want me to do cartwheels cause I have an interview? Getting an interview appointment is the easy part."

I'm NOT gonna go apeshit and get my hopes up. No way.

I have another interview tomorrow afternoon. It's funny. I interviewed with them LAST YEAR when I was jobless also. Actually, they almost hired me last year apparently. It was between me and another lady. They hired her. It seems she has gone and gotten pregnant, is due anytime and doesn't want to work after the baby comes, so the job is open again. Well, well, well. Isn't life funny? I wonder if the interviewer will remember me. We shall see.

You know what is just freaking great? I've developed my PMS zit and it's so damn big. I've done everything I can to make it go away. Retin A, Alpha Hydrox. Hot compresses. Cold compresses. You name it. It is very very angry looking and big. I never get them like this. This totally blows.

Power suit? Check! Spare Resume? Check! Reference Letters? Check!! Big volcano zit? CHECK!!!!!

Come on ladies! Don'tcha have any quickie home remedy suggestions for me? This might be beyond even MY makeup application capabilities. (and that's saying something all right!)