Holy S--t!

I was just filling out my overtime sheet for work and totalled up my OT hours for the month to date.

68.75 hours of overtime.

No wonder I'm so damn tired. Jeesh.

Also? I was wondering if anyone could dig a hole for me to crawl into for the duration? I will admit I'm feeling a bit sheepish at the moment and want to lay low.

I bet you're ALL wondering what I've done that could make me say such, huh?

Well, talking to my boss about our Chairman of the Board, well, he is an extremely handsome older gentleman- about some photos from the meetings and he told me to pick the best ones for printing, and I said "well, he is very attractive, so this will be difficult to pick one or two. Look how photogenic he is!" Then a male head of dept who was in the room said 'As a man, even I will admit he is very good looking!" and I said "ok, He's really handsome, then." (HE IS! and SUCH a gentleman.) to which my boss replied "Oh boy! I'm gonna tell him you think so!" while getting the same cheeky grin on his face of a 5-year-old boy. I said "NO!" and he said "I'm going to tell him! So? The whole Board has a crush on you anyway!! They even love your name."




Hi there everyone! *waves**air kiss*

For the record, no, I didn't/wasn't: a) drown b) fall off a cliff (cause, hello? I live in a cliff-less place, y'all!) c) end up in a coma d) have temporary amnesia e) break any fingers on either hand (cause really, I'd use my tongue or toes if I had to!To POST! To POST!) or f) anything else you can come up with in your fertile imaginations.

I've been so damn busy y'all. It's disgusting how busy. Yes. Too busy and dead to blog even. Shame on me. (Does it help I felt all guilty about it even in my sleep because I really LURVE MY BLOG READERS? That things happened and I thought 'Oh, I gotta blog THIS!'?) Good. But, when I tell you all WHY, you will forgive and send me kisses and hugs and all sorts of good things like that.

Ready? Sure? hold on to your chairs. I don't want anyone getting hurt from the shock or anything....

I've been working 12-15 hr days, even on my weekend at my temporary-could-be-permanent-if-we-want job. There was a Board Meeting, and last minute guess who had to do EVERYTHING? Moi. No biggie, cause I can handle it. (granted, sleep would help, but still!)

So, I charmed the hell out of the Board of Directors, they tried to swipe me from my boss, the CEO just to deal with them and he said "Um, no. She's MINE!". They all complimented me, or him on me, I'm not sure which, the meeting went off without a hitch. (Ok, one small one, but SO not anything I could do. Damn hotel) and ......he was all happy. so.... between the Directors thinking I'm all that and a bag of chips and my long hours, and my general stuff and hard work.....


Blah blah blah. Good Employment package, lots of goodie benefits,kick ass end-of year bonus, I'm getting a Junior Manager title and my own ASSISTANT Y'ALL!!! And? He put me in charge of the Executive Offices as well. He put me- A woman with SERIOUS OCD and a slight, but complusive control freak streak- IN CHARGE. Because: "I like your ways". Hehehheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! He wants me to find my own assistant and said "I'll be happy if you can get someone 70% as good as you". Awwwwwwww. That's sweet.

*WHOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!* (OH NO! Janet Jackson's "Control" is in my head now!MAKE IT STOP!)

Thank God about the Assistant thing. Cause this overtime thing is kicking my ass, seriously.

Now for the good stuff you came here for:

Blogging Ideas I didn't get time or have energy to post when I thought of it:

1) Speaking of a Jackson........ Z watching the interview of M. Jackson's parents (you know, wacko Jacko?) and they asked them "how much plastic surgery has Michael had?" and they said "Oh, just one. His nose." (They are SO GOING TO HELL FOR THAT LIE.) and they say "It's called maturation- that is why he looks different" Z says to me "Hell, did they mean EVOULOUTION?" to which I laugh my tired ass off because, he is RIGHT.

2) Garfield's eyes are open now- he is damn fat and I love it- and how hilarious it is to watch him and Bandit beat the crap out of each other, pushing and shoving each other upside the head and body slamming like a mosh pit (and Garfield has got serious booty/leverage now and sends Bandit rolling) over ONE nipple to nurse from instead of just choosing one of the other 15. It's like watching the 3 stooges with Larry missing. Exactly like it.

3) Max, their OBVIOUSLY HORNY FATHER, is trying to knock up Miss Scarlett (Not ME! MY CAT! Garfiee's mom) and I so broke that up. Was that mean of me? Tough shit dude. because......

4) Isis (Angel & Scarlett's Mama) looks like SHE will give birth any day now and really, enough is enough. How do I know? She is trying to sneak into my closet and Arianna and I caught her trying Ari's closet day before yesterday!

5) I got an A+ on my Geography internet reasearch homework for 5th grade the other day. (Didja catch that? Heh. Mine my sweet butt!) Aren't you all proud? I always liked Geography. Heh. (Thank GOD it wasn't Math! *shudder, gag*)

6) SURVIVOR Pilau a.k.a. Survivor Season XVIIXVI (hahahahah) started on Friday! Am I alone in wanting to toss the older lady singing her made up Survivor song over the side of the damn boat? I'm just wondering. It got on my last nerve.

7) American Idol. Is Good. And? What the HELL IS WRONG WITH PAULA's FACE?? It's like Botox gone SERIOUSLY WRONG. Is it just me? W.T.F.????????? She used to be such a pretty thing.

8) I heard a funny comment, speaking of Paula..... Someone asked a celebrity "Who do you think takes more TrimSpa? Anna Nicole or Paula Abdul??? Hmmmmmm now that is a toughie. Yes indeedy. He guessed Anna Nicole. I say it's a draw. But... who is with me shouting BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! when you hear Anna say "I lost Allllll that weight only taking TrimSpa and NOT WORKING OUT UNTIL JUST NOW THAT I"M ALL SKINNY AND STUFF." Please girlfriend. If that is so, send me a case of that shit and give me the name of your plasic surgeon, because there is no way you lost all that weight that fast and don't have ANY saggy skin to show for it. And I know you don't cause I've seen E! Channel (LOVE IT) and you mostly nekkid in undies now. And my mouth is still hanging open in shock about it too. Well, that and Z's comment that "NO! POOR BABY! BE NICE SHE DIDN"T DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!". *Smacks head*-me-his- Me: *much gagging and disgusted snorts ensue*

That's enough for now.

I'll answer any questions given today and the one or two I got last week and couldn't answer.

I missed you babies! I really did!!!!!!!!!