mama wants sleep

Its midnight and the room is in shadows. Anya has woken Connor. AND Rory up with her loud "talking and growling". Aidan is a little restless laying like a prince in our huge curtained four poster bed.

Rory is on my shoulder tossing and turning and Connor is in Nanny Siony's arms now WIDE awake looking at Anya through the shadows like "shut the heck up! And like he would dearly love to smack her one.

Connor loves his sleep. A LOT.

Aidan was cranky because MIL went on a trip for a month today. Wouldn't sleep nap, whatever and was generally grumpy until his big sister Arianna started making fart noises and asking him if he wanted to make pooopy, which he seemed to find utterly hilarious. Even with his beloved aunties doing their combined best to get him down to sleep it took a good long while.

Ah, all are settled now. Rory at my breast in bed, Aidan cuddled in daddys arms. Connor is with Siony having his midnight snack as usual and Anya is hogging up the crib at the foot of our bed, stretche out and deep asleep, just as she likes it. My little bed hog; I love them all so.

Now I will try and catch more than a catnap for a change.


Front Page

Funny thing. After we had the quads, we were on the cover of the Gulf Weekly- all of us in bright color- yes, photo and interview. Now this week, my boss, the CEO of the company where I work is on the cover of the same paper!

We were on the cover, naturally, about having had the Fantastic Four. They were on the cover supporting freezing the stem cells from a newborn umbilicus. Which I totally agree with but unfortunately could not afford to do for my babies. I wish I could have, but it would have cost us roughly $16,000 to do for the babies. Out of the question financially for us.

But I digress.

I thought it was cool and very brave of he and his wife to come out and mention the loss of two previous children. He had personally mentioned this to me in complete confidence almost two years ago when I was having one of my miscarriages and was so supportive, understanding and positive even though his wife was pregnant again at the time. He told me not to stop trying - never to give up. My response? "You don't know me- I don't give up and believe me, I won't!" He smiled at me and said good!

It is nice to see him on the cover with his wife and two children- one of which was the baby that was on the way all those months ago.

Good on you man. You're one of the best and most honest men I've had the pleasure to work for.

But Andy? I was on the cover first! :)

Bon Apetit!

I just have to say it- I absolutely LOVE my weird babies to death! They are weird cause they love, love, LOVE broccoli! They woof it. That and split green peas and carrots.

They just make me laugh so much. They growl and say muuum! And smack their hands on the highair tray for more and get really irritated if they don't get another spoonful fast enough for their liking.

I absolutley adore my little darlings so very much and am glad they enjoy the healthy homemade food I whip up for them. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction and is totally worth the time it takes to do it.

Bon Apetit my loves!


Angels really DO exist

Ah let's see now... Last Thursday Anya decided to look me right in the face and say very clearly in a loud voice "MAMA!" I got so very happy, so she smiled at me with that ear-to-ear grin of hers and did it again.

As if that wasn't enough of a slice of Heaven, then yesterday when I came home from work I was standing just inside the front door and saw Anya in the living room investigating things in the walker. I watched her for a minute and then softly called her name- she startles easily at times- and her head whipped around. She stared at me with what seemed like disbelief and then a huge smile plastered her beautiful face and she turned the walker around in a heartbeat and RAN as fast as her little legs could push her in that contraption to me. When she skidded to a halt by slamming into my shins, she looked up at me with an expression of triumph and held her arms up an open to me.

I melted.

Then leaned over and snatched her up into my arms and held her so very tight while I kissed her to bits.

She did the same again this morning when I was coming down the stairs to leave for work.

She is my angel... And the best surprise I have ever had in my entire life. I am blessed and beyond grateful for all of my children.


blogging from my BB!

Well this IS fascinating! I finally had the thought that even though Ari hoggs up the laptop 24/7 I could perhaps blog from my BB. Fancy that! Oh well, better late than ever, eh? And MUCH easier than fighting a teenager for the one working laptop in the house. Gasp!

So, let's try this on for size and see how it goes, shall we? We shall see just how much I can multi-task. Or something.


Mama Cyn

Something funny has happened since I gave birth to quadruplets.... I've apparently become the 'go to' person for expectant & new fathers (particulary those with twins on the way) that know me at work, and their wives, which in a way is kind of cool. Like I'm some kind of expert. Well I suppose that in some weird way I am.

I mean, I got pregnant, I carried them well, worked until about 5 weeks prior to delivery, no serious complications in a very uneventful pregnancy until I developed a nasty lung infection that made all hell break loose and sent my ass straight into ICU for a week prior to delivering. Had nice gorgeous babies with good Apgars. I'm back at work. I haven't totally lost my mind(yet) - I dont' think. I'm managing... somehow.

Ok, I have in-house live-in help while I'm at work. I pay for it, which I call piece of mind while I am at work that allows me to concentrate and do what I need to do to get paid, have medical insurance for all of us, life insurance coverage on me, and the benefits I get via my job that benefit my whole family and literally put food on the table and diapers on my babies precious little butts.

But when I'm home, and in the middle of the night, and all weekend long- I'm very hands on. I stayed home till the babies were almost 5 months old. I was ON 24/7 and looked it. I slept precisely 2 hours a day - not counting the couple of times I would fall asleep while peeing. Not for long, but you know, a catnap. My numb butt woke me up. It got to the point during my 3am-5am sleep that when a baby would cry and I would fly upright in the bed, hubby would force me back down and I would pop right back up, mostly still asleep. Again, he would gently push me down until I would stay down, insisiting that i would get those couple of hours in my tired self.

I guess what I'm getting at is that what I started my blog for, and am continuing it, has been mirrored in real life. And for that, I'm doubly grateful. Because if my experiences and 'knowledge' such as it is, can help someone have a better day, or make their pregnancy or infertility journey a little bit easier to get through, then all the better in my book.


Mama's Haven

Hello again! Have had several things running in my mind to post, but unfortunately, trying to get Arianna off of the laptop during summer break is proving to be mission impossible. I think she's upstairs in the shower or something right now... saw no one on it so I jumped while I could.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you to those of you who have hung in there, and wondered just what in the hell I've been up to for such a long time, and those of you who know me from other bloggers comments sections, and those of you that have gone from my first blog here on blogger.com to my own domain that has gone batshit crazy- then into hiatus when all computer devices were dead, then took forever to get internet up in our new house, then for me to get my mind back in order to blog again... so glad you've stuck around. It means the world.

Think I will make some modifications to how I blogged before. I want this to not only be my haven, and it is, but also to be a record of the Quads baby and childhood memories.

It is only logical for it to work this way in my mind since it began and was a chronicle of my rollercoaster adventure to get and stay pregnant. I have to admit though, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up with anything more than, possibly twins, by some weird chance. I only thought I would possibly get pregnant with one, and that would be ok. To end up so blessed? Not in a million years.

So I think I will seperate specific stories with labels of each child's name. Aidan, Anya, Connor, and Rory respectively. Tales about the quads in general under a seperate label within this blog, and of course, my usual antics about the rest of my world.

So, thanks for coming. Get some snacks, have a seat, fasten your seatbelt, and hang on for one hell of a ride!


Mama Needs A Snuggle

Hello. Am tired. Beyond. Belief.

Had a L-O-N-G day and then when I got home, late, things kinda went downhill from there- with the excecption of Z holding Connor at the front gate waiting for me to come from parking my car. (with my horny cat half-draped off the upstairs balcony yowling for someone to come make her day and be quick about it!) That's some welcome home, I tell you.

Z's friends came over for a bit while I was making dinner (and burning onions on low instead of sauteeing them.) How I managed to burn them on low temp I'll never know. Aidan had fallen asleep in my arms, so Z put him on his mom's bed in her downstairs bedroom and I thought he took him upstairs to his own bed with the others with nannies watching over them while I cook.

I heard crying but thought it was upstairs, so I didn't go running. Turns out Z's mom had gone in her room, and then come back out again shutting the damn door- Aidan woke up, cried a bit, then freaked the hell out at being alone and went into total meltdown. When I realized, I ran to him, and it took a good 45 min to get him calmed down. So I guess that means i'm pissed and tired. my poor guy. You wouldn't believe that about an hour after his freak out he was sitting on my lap rocking himself back and forth like he's in a rocking chair laughing uncontrollably at his daddy telling him "I LOVE YOU!" over and over again.


Party at my place!

Okay, so most weekends I might leave the house once and thats to raid the nearest drive-thru and run back home faster than you can blink. Well, that and to get formula. (because seriously, I have TWO breasts, not FOUR Of course I have to supplement with formula.) But more often than not, there is a baby hanging from my boob- or more accurately, wrapped around one.

Due to other varied circumstances beyond my/our control, my bestest girlfriends and I don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. We're closer than close, and really, both of them were really there -specially N- when I was pregnant and in ICU, hospital, and hell, prior to my quad pregnancy even through my miscarriages. I miss my girls, ya know?

Well totally unplanned, they both, plus 1.5 (another friend who's hugely pregnant from work) all showed up at my house today. Well SURPRISE! YAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. My afternoon turned into "musical laps" for the babies and it was great. Made my whole month, I swear.


Thanks ladies, it was great to see you.

Ugh, back to work tomorrow...I wonder who's not going to show up this week?


Scarlett Cyn is BACK from hiatus!

I've been awfully quiet for a year now. I was without inet service since we moved into our new place last fall for 6 months. Then my laptop died. Hubby's laptop also bit the dust. My WP blog is down for whatever reason and I am back to my original blog here- at least for now- indefinetly.

I have been busy and rather... occupied. Pun entirely intended.

I became mother to quadruplets on February 1st of this year. I had my 3 boys and another girl who was the surprise of my life- we didn't know she was in there. I thought I was having triplets all along -and so did my doctors. Imagine our collective surprise there in the operating room? Boy, Girl, Boy..BOY! I thought we were having triplet boys. So much for that. Fortunately, I got to use all the names we had picked out. Aidan, Anya, Connor, and Rory - in order of birth, respectively. Big sister Arianna is so happy and so proud. She's absolutely wonderful with them.

I went back to work on May 11th. Things have been a little, well, busy, ever since.

I find myself missing my blog. Blogging in general. And, I want to document all that I've gone through not only for myself to look back on, not only to share with others, but so that my children will have something to look back on, so that everything is documented- my mommy memories and experiences. I've already waited too long, and I don't want to miss anything else.

So I invite you to join me in my daiy shennagans and new multiple mommyhood to the Fantastic Four stories!