Hi there darlings! Did you miss me? I certainly hope so! If not, I just might cry.

Alternatively, I might also just make you wait even longer while I work on my next post that's all about a really fast boat, me, a fabulous day, and shrimp decapitation.

Well, at any rate, I missed y'all terribly. In fact, I was making a concerted effort to commit to memory every little thing that happened today so that I could share it with you. See how I love you?

Good! So. Hold on to your panties (unless you're going commando,in which case, um, I don't REALLY have to know that,ok?), it'll be worth it, I promise.

PS: On second thought, it's entirely up to you if you want to share if you're going commando or not. I aim to please!


Week 6’s Confession

Here we are at another Confession post. Thank you all for your questions. I really appreciate your participation. I find myself really looking forward to see what all you might come up with each week! I really do.

Without further ado…….

Cheryl B asked me: “If you could change any part of your body (excluding the baby-making parts of course) what would you have done and why?”

Easy one babycakes! Boobies. I’d have em at a lovely D cup at the most instead of the G cups I have to lug around. They might be nice to look at, but belive me, they are a BITCH to lug around. My shoulders and neck constantly ache. (and yes, that is a hint for a neck and shoulder rub! Heh.) The only time I was happy with them at this size was when I was breastfeeding, because they were nourishing my child and it was such a special time for Arianna and I.

If I could change one other thing? I’d love a damn tummy tuck. C-sections are a bitch, especially emergency ones. Sloppy work. Ick. I”d love to have the lovely tummy I had at, say, 19 or 20 again. (I’m SO doing this one day. Just let me have one more baby, and then. ZAP!)

Catrina asked me a very important question: Are there any Taco Bell's in Bahrain? And number 2 is how often do you put your sheets in the wash?

Sheets? Easy peasy. Once a week pussycat!

AHHHHHHH I LOVE ME SOME TACO BELL! And as further proof that I live on a teeny island, NO, there isn’t one here. Altho we have just about everything else. Burger King, McDonalds, Papa John’s, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Subway, Mrs. Fields, KFC, Costa Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Cinnabon, Star*ucks, Fudruckers, Chili’s, Applebees….

No Taco Bell. Yo queiro Taco Bell. *sob* I heart Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell (Ok, and In-N-Out Burger) almost as much as I love…

Makeup… which brings me to Hula Doula’s comment/question!

Hula said: I LLLLOOOOVEEE makeup! We are true sisters I swear! Now ya want to go shopping?

Aw HELL ya Sister! I was digging around in the makeup counters again with Nooshi my friend this afternoon… for HOURS. Heh. I also sprayed a shitload of perfume on as well. Coincidentally, I’m an equal opportunity perfume sprayer. I sprayed on Creed’s Himalaya.. which makes me weak in the knees even though it is for men. AHHHHHH, that is some good stuff, that.

Hula sweetie? I’m always ready for shopping. ALWAYS.

Carrie Jo asked me a question that really, really made me think… hard: What is you greatest wish for your daughter?

I suppose that I could say I hope for her to be a doctor or president of the USA or some such thing. But in all honesty? I just hope that she will be healthy and happy and never truly want for anything or know hunger. I pray that someday she will find a good man to truly love her and appreciate her for all that she is, as she is, but not feel like she needs a man to complete her.

Ideally? I told her that if she ever wanted to be a doctor (She mentioned it once or twice) that I would hope that she could one day help people that can’t get pregnant on their own to be pregnant, like me. So, an infertility specialist or some such. She quite liked that idea. Time will tell.

Mare Imbrium asked me: What is the most recent nice thing your husband has said/done for/to you?

Well, the most recent thing is that the other night he saw that my old contact lenses were really making my eyes red and he said “You need new ones?” and I said yes, and he said “well, you shouldn’t put those old lenses on your pretty green eyes, they made them red. We’ll go get you new ones tomorrow”. And he actually DID. (Also? He hates when I wear glasses!) God, new lenses feel like HEAVEN.

Thank you... and goodnight! *Bow*


Questions, Questions!

Oi everyone! It's that time of the week again! My how time flies, eh? I'm wanting your questions for my weekly Inquisition.

Mare Imbrium got her question in first DAYS ago! Yaaaaaaaaaaay Mare!! Woo hoo! (You will have your answer on Tuesday, hon) Man, I love it when lurkers like Mare de-lurk to play! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Makes my day.

I'm waiting for the others to arrive. Remember y'all, even if you get me a question late it's not a problem a'tall! I'll just save it for next week's answer session, so go on, sock it to me!

I'll be waiting in anticipation for your questions until 12:01am Tuesday, Pacific Time.

So, to quote Gwen Stefani's new single (which I freaking LOVE PEOPLE!) .........



Sun, Sand, and Sea= A HAPPY ME!

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been quiet. I was at the beach all day yesterday with Arianna and Nooshi (my houseguest) and Z’s friends. Z was at work and missed the fun because his boss is an asshat of the highest caliber and made him work on the holiday weekend when there is NO BUSINESS (and no, no OT either!).

It was lovely. Not too hot and a lovely breeze. Being as fair skinned as I am, I broke out the SPF 40, which was Arianna’s, since my SPF 60 was finished. All the guys with us kicked in with the loud laughter at the whole SPF 40 thing to which I replied: “It’s only SPF 40 since I discovered this morning that my SPF 60+ is finished. You see this lovely milky white Irish skin? Trying to tan is futile. I burn, peel, and am white again in a manner of days. It’s totally pointless and unnecessary pain as well.” They behaved after that. Then, Z’s friend A, who is bald like an 8 ball swiped the bottle and slathered it all over his dome which had us all laughing in the end.

All my efforts and SPF 30 were of no use. Scarlett Cyn is, well, scarlet in places. AND I SAT UNDER SHADE ALSO! Ugh. It’s not fair, dammit. Ari got the loveliest golden tan yesterday and I got… RED. Ari’s skin is like my moms… peaches and cream and tans easily and beautifully…. Even with the SPF. SO, I’m red in the worst place, really… on my chest but fortunately it isn’t TOO red. I’ve been worse.

I must have gotten burnt when I was playing with Arianna in the sea and watching the flying fish and pelicans. I was also dodging flying wet sand and seaweed bombs in the water as well. The 3 guys we were with turned into 5 year-olds as soon as they hit the water, alternatively having seaweed/sand fights and taking turns shoving each other under the water and holding them there.

I’ve been in a lot of seawater in my life all over the world… the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean as well. But this stuff here? The saltiest stuff I’ve EVER encountered.

The best thing about the day? I swiped P’s Seattle Supersonics ball cap, (thanks babe!) put on my shades under the big umbrella, propped my sandy feet up, closed my eyes, and listened to the water lapping at the shore while sipping iced tea and feeling the breeze blowing in my hair and against my skin. I could hear the conversations going on around me, but my mind was focused on the rhythmic sound of the water on the sand. It was the most peaceful I’ve felt in ages. I must go back there soon.

Of course, there are black thunderclouds in the sky today with strong cool wind, so, I don’t think it’ll be too soon that I’m back at the beach, do you?