The Debate

I was reading Mindy’s blog a bit ago and her comments about trying to watch the debates in her home. Or perhaps I should say the impossibility of watching the debates? Either way, it really struck a chord with me. (I hear ya sister, I hear ya!)Now let me tell you why!

Tonight, while sitting at my SIL’s house (the lotto winner) while she wasn’t there with her 17 year-old-daughter, my very favorite NIECE OF ALL, Mimi, we were watching Debate No 3. Or, well, at least, I was trying to. Mimi and I were the only ones really interested in it.

I’ve known Mimi (Yasmeen) since she was about 2 ½. She was (and is) my girl. We were closer than close. She and I have the best memories together. When she would come to visit after they moved back here, she would stay with us and daily, INSIST that I lay on the bed on my back so she could brush my hair. Minimum 3x a day. She would brush my hair and stroke my head till I was almost comatose everyday for a month or so of the visit. Then the day of departure, be sobbing non stop until I finally asked her “honey, why are you crying? You’ll come back!” She said “Because, whooooos going to take care of you while I’m goneeeeeeeeeeee??????”. Well, this made me start slobbering too while hugging her. Mimi was the flower girl in my wedding.

As I mentioned, she is 17 now and still thinks nothing of hopping on my lap, giving me a great big SQUISHING hug and kiss on the cheek and staying there hugging me, just like she has always done. She has turned into a beautiful young lady. And a smart one too, in my opinion.

Mimi was born in the United States and is an American citizen accordingly. So she and I were side by side watching the debates avidly tonight (yes, it was a replay). Both of us making snickering, rather snide comments about W and nodding approvingly at the things Senator. Kerry said with the occasional “yeah! That’s right!” in between trying to shush Monster from her incessant rattling about nothing in particular, which gets louder and louder. I don’t remember exactly what W said due to the shock of what I’m going to say next, but first, remember that my SIL, Mimi’s mom wasn’t home. It was Mimi, me, Z, Monster (don’t EVEN ask) and Mimi’s younger cousin. (Ari was passed out on a sofa in the living room) W said some typically ridiculous (BS) stuff and next thing I knew Mimi grabbed the tissue box and made a throwing motion with her hand while growling “Bullshit!”. I thought she was just making the motions at the 53”digital Phillips flat screen TV, I really did. Guess what she did?

She threw the damn box right at the screen and got W smack on the nose. I think I jumped a foot off the sofa while shouting, “oh SHIT!” in complete shock while my mouth hung open, eyes darting to the other shocked people sitting with us. Thankfully, nothing happened to the TV, cause once we all started laughing in total shock, 2 seconds later her Mom walked in. Talk about timing!

Of course, we all tried to cover up and not say anything to my SIL with the trigger temper, even though we were laughing harder and harder, cause, really; thankfully, no damage was done to the TV or surrounding furniture (and I’ve been tempted too!).

You all forgot who was sitting there with us, now didn’t you? You know you did.

Monster. Who proceeded to jump up from the sofa and re-enact the whole thing for her daughter’s benefit. The rest of us were trying to shush her and talk ourselves to drown out her yakking. By this time, my other SIL wandered in, and it got so noisy that I couldn’t watch the rest of the debates.

Now I’m irritated. I don’t like not finishing something I start. Grrrrrr.


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I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaaad girl!

I will freely admit I've got quite the naughty mind. Yes I sure do! So, would any of you care to come do laps with me in the gutter other than my usual swimming companion? Oopsy, I forgot the girls from my synchronized swimming team, namely Cheryl b., Mindy, Carrie Jo, Amy, and Cat. Hee hee, shame on me!

It would seem that even CNN.com is not safe for me to read any more. Lord, but I'm bad. Perhaps I'm just more sensitive to these things after laughing my ASS off watching "Soul Plane" last night. I have not laughed that hard in AGES, y'all. Lookie here, I loave me some black comedy. Hell, I loave comedy, period but this movie? Kicks ass y'all. If you liked Airplane, then you will like this. Every freaking stereotype you could imagine. And some of the scenes had me laughing so hard, I literally was doing the Cyn's Foot Stomp/Knee slap comboTM and wheezing with laughter. I hit rewind so many times, I lost count. The people I watched it with last night asked me to bring it back again tonight to watch it again. Yeah baby!

But I digress.....

Cnn.com is SO not safe. I am interested in scientific things people, because it gives me answers to "WHY?". So, when I read on the homepage about more activity at Mt. St. Helens, I thougth I would see what was up. Heh. what was UP. *snicker, snort, giggle* What's up is right! Mt. St Helen's has a new erection, darlings!

It would seem that the volcano has a bulge growing... a NEW bulge, bless it. Now what impressed me mightily, was that "The bulge had risen at least 330 feet since scientists noticed it September 30". Who the hell couldn't help but be impressed with a 330ft high bulge? There is apparently a chance of explosive eruptions and that if and when the new bulge erupts (although there is molten lava close to the surface ready to spew, it would seem) the geoligist are quick to reassure people that it will shoot vertically this time rather than horizontally like the last explosion a few years ago.

WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!????????? Lava people, LAVA. Heh. I'm sorry, but with words in it like bulge, eruptions, spew, explosive, and that whole shooting vertically vs. horizontally thing cracked me up. I know, I know, I'm bad, in a good way! *wink* There was NO way in the molten firey depths of HELL that I was not gonna blog about it. Nuh-uh.

Can you blame me? I think not!

PS: Inquisition answers are below my dears. Keep on reading my pretties...... scroll down now like good little readers..............


Confession Time

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned....." wait, that's another kind of confession. Oh yeah, time for me to answer The Inquisition questions you so wonderfully left for me.

Well, you asked my darlings, and now I’m answering. There wasn’t many questions this time around, but I’m still gonna do it next week anyway. (Because I’m stubborn that way!)

My dearest Carrie Jo asked: ‘How old were you when you lost your virginity?’

I lost it at 18, Carrie Jo. Why so late? Well, it wasn’t for lack of opportunity, that’s for damn sure! There were always a couple of things that prevented me…. 1: The guy wasn’t right; 2: the timing was never right even if the guy was! 3: (and this, in retrospect, is hilarious as hell!) A combination of my Mama’s voice in my head saying that it was a 'gift' that can be given but one time, and to make sure it is given to the 'right' person. Well, that and my Catholic upbringing. I was also, funnily enough, terrified of becoming a statistic. You know, a teenage mother. Isn’t that a HOOT? Me, the ultimate infertile. Me, who ended up bust trying to get pregnant with Arianna. Me, who, when I was diagnosed with PCOS at 15, my gynae said "Don't worry about having children! You will be as fertile as the Napa Valley!" , that bitch. Funny, huh? Also remember, when I was a teenager, in the mid to late 80’s, this was when AIDS came on the scene and no one really knew the details of how it was passed and transmitted, etc, you know? So.

Because Carrie Jo was so prompt (and cause I was afraid I wouldn’t get another one), she got to ask me TWO questions this week!

Carrie Jo’s second question was: ‘How do you feel about tattoos?’

I think tattoos are really works of art, and I appreciate them as such. (For example, I love the Celtic tattoos that the singer Robbie Williams has had done on his biceps and the new tiger or dragon Angelina Jolie had done on her back is beautiful.) Would I get one? HELL NO. Remember, I have a little –ok, a huge one – phobia of needles. Needles and I do not get along well at all. Nosireebob. Nuh-uh. Another thing, something that looks good on you at 20 or 30, probably won’t look so hot as you age, if you know what I mean? I don’t like the way they fade over time and look smudgy. I think people that get tattoos are pretty brave also, cause me? My mom did cosmetic tattoo years ago and the lady that did it, her friend, was completely covered in tatts from the neck down, front and back. There isn’t enough liquor to make me get one. Seriously.

My pal Cheryl b.’s inquiring mind wanted to know if I had kissed another woman or done even more with one.

Uh, no honey, I haven’t. I’ve never kissed another woman (in the way you mean like I would kiss a man) and therefore, I haven’t done anything more intimate with another woman, because frankly, you don’t even get to second base with me without some quality kissing. And baby, I mean QUALITY.

I kiss my girlfriends, but its on the cheek, but a good one nonetheless. I’m famous for my hugs and kisses in greeting, btw.

Wait, does the lesbian that felt my ass up in a club count? Cause then, yeah. Cause I got my ass practically massaged in a crowded mixed club once. She disappeared in the crowd as soon as my head whipped around in shock. (I thought it was my boyfriend being frisky at first!) But it shouldn’t count, cause, I didn’t want her to do it, right?

And also, somewhere I worked some of my female coworkers (friends) were totally obsessed with my breasts and always had their hands on them. They would always touch and grab them if I wasn’t careful but usually they were quicker than me and would giggle like loons when they got past me. You know, like patting a dog hello? Yeah. Like that. They were not particularly endowed themselves, and oh-so-fascinated with mine and how, ‘soft and bouncy’. It would appear that my breasts are amazing even to the same sex.

Of course, as further proof of my shitty luck, it would happen that two of them ganged up on me at once and right then, the BIGGEST pervert ASSHAT Mgr walked in and caught them in the act. It was like his w*t dream come true. He looked all....... happy. This is the guy that used to get off on looking my toes and ankles and (heaven forbid the day I wore a knee length skirt) and growl about them all consumed with lust. *gag, retch, heave*. He grossed me out so much after then whole skirt thing, that the next day when I wore slacks to work, he came and leaned way over in front of my desk to look under it and then said loudly "Aw dammit all! You're wearing TROUSERS TODAY!". Man, did I want to go take a scalding hot shower right then. I stared at him mutely. Why? He was the Chairman's pet.

Anonymous (whomever you may be) asked me ‘Not counting Monster, do you like living in Bahrain or would you prefer to move back to the States?’ (like the way I made your two questions one?)

Well Anon, better late than never I say! Other than Monster (who is like an extra appendage) the quality of life here in Bahrain is nice. Keep in mind that I lived in a very hectic rush-rush city for most of my life in the US, hmmm? (Los Angeles) There are small town qualities I like about it while still being pretty cosmopolitan. It’s one of the reasons I moved here. Another thing I like? Crime rate is extremely low as to be almost non-existent.

But more and more, I find myself thinking of moving back home to the States. I am homesick in many ways. Maybe in a year or so I could move home, who knows? Hell if I know where I would move though! My father is very ill, and he lives in Florida. My Aunt is in Maryland. I grew up in LA, and though my mom is there now, she is planning to hopefully move back home to South Carolina. I have friends scattered all over the country. Where to move back TO is the question! I would, next time, like to live somewhere where you get to have all 4 seasons though and not so hectic rush-rush (but NOT the boonies, got it?), I think. Yeah, definitely got to have all 4 seasons. I don’t think I will live here in Bahrain forever. No.

Lets put it this way; I don’t want to be buried here. How’s that?

Well, that’s all of the inquisition you will get for today. If you have questions for me for next week, that will be answered on Tuesday again, please feel free to post for me either in the comments section of this or alternatively email me at Scarlett.Cyn@gmail.com !
Q & A

Things are coming along nicely and now the questions are starting to come in. WHEW! I was a little concerned there for a minute. (It's not like I don't know how many of you swing by my site every day, because I do babies, I DO!) I HEART SiteMeter!

Anyhoooo, it appears that some of my friends are still carrying over (read: hungover) the massive blog party from the weekend into this week. There was just ONE itsy bitsy thing missing from this gathering...... ME! I was supposed to be there, but, alas, circumstances beyond my control prevented it. Oh well, next time. When I finally get to go, it will just be an excuse for another gathering is all! They know I was there in spirit.

If y'all are slightly curious, go check out the great pics & play-by-play or as I like to call it evidence of my pals shennagians here, or here, or here too. You could also go over and visit here as well. And not to be forgotten, not by a long shot, NEVER EVER in a million years, there are my buddies here and here. (If that isn't a fine bit of link lovin to my fellow bloggers, hell if I know what is!)

Back to the Q&A otherwise known as "The Inquisition". Now we are getting to some interesting questions, and it's about time (Cheryl b.). Heh. To be real honest? I'm shaking in my proverbial boots at what this joker is going to come up with as a question. Cat, I know you are probably working your 12-hour nursing shifts, so, you can give a tardy question if necessary. (See? that's Love!)

I look forward to answering your questions, every one of you. I think I'll make this a weekly thing after all.


The Inquisition

I have decided to bite the bullet and have a Q & A Session, if you’re interested. (I’m just begging for trouble, aren’t I?)

So, you may ask me one question – anything you wish cause I know your inquiring minds want to know!- and I will answer it as truthfully as possible if it is a question I can answer. The cut off for questions will be Monday at midnight PST (erm, that’s West Coast USA, people!). See, aren’t I nice? Pacific Time. And here I sit on the other side of the world!! You should have your answers at some point on Tuesday. If this catches on then perhaps I will start doing this weekly or some such. I’ll play it by ear.

All right babies, I’m ready. Bring it on!

*if you are a lurker, this would be a good time to de-lurk. I'm just saying....

The Upswing........ Sort of

Well, I suppose anything is an improvement over yesterday, right? Right. Of course, the sudden pounding headache I acquired unwillingly this afternoon kind of blotted out any rational (or wack-a-doo) type of thought. Pain kind of does that to you.

Yes, when you are quite sure that your head will explode into a bazillion itsy bits any second now, you can't help but painfully think "Ah, don't need to worry about problems or being depressed, cause my head will go KAPLOOOOEY any time now!". Of course, then you continue on with that whimpering you were doing. So, I popped some pain pills that usually help when I have one of my famous migranes, shut the curtains in my room so it was awfully dark, (Arianna was at her cousin's playing for the next 2 hours or so) and figured perhaps, just perhaps I can SLEEP through the pain. At any rate, the pitch dark room appealed immensly.

So I ended up dozing off for about an hour. Goodie, by the time Monster tried to come into my room, not realizing that I was in there the pain was almost gone or numbed or whatever...............

Yes, you read right. What woke me up was her barging in the room! She thought I was out, apparently since I was silent as a stone and I guess she thought she would come snooping. I heard a gasp, then the door banged shut (like I needed ANY banging noise at present? Um, no.) For example, the other day, she had me go in her room to look for Max, who went AWOL and lo and behold, I found about 4 things of mine in the process of my Max Search, including my umbrella that I'd been missing. Sweet Jesus, I live with a psychotic kleptomaniac. Freaking rediculous. I mean, I KNOW she is a damn thief, but still, each time to have it reinforced? And no, I can't say give it back, cause even if I have PICTURES of me wearing the thing, or using it, she will say "I bought this such and such a place" or "So and so gave me this AGES ago". Yes, she is very creative in her cover-up lies, no?

Now for some really freaky, yet totally typical stuff.

Still feeling slightly rotten emotionally, yet pain numbed (and no, I did NOT take VIOXX, but something much better and that won't give me a freaking heart attack. Freaks that make VIOXX. BAD PHARMACEUTICAL CO!) My mobile phone rang, and the person on the line was just what the doctor ordered.

Mama. My Mama called me. It was like a balm to my soul. Just what I needed, WHEN I needed it. It doesn't matter that she was talking about 10 times her normal speech pattern, and that the call was only for 5 minutes, cause, she couldn't talk long, just wanted to check on me. Of course, now for the freaky as usual stuff. First thing was her saying all frantic like "ARE YOU OK?" like 15 times. I answered her each time, but she kept on asking, cause she probably knew I was totally full of shit, cause, well, that's my Mama! I just told her I'd been sick, etc..... and all. (well, jeez, it's only about 5 days now that I have my voice back at 100%!)

I still can't belive that she got all the things she said in such a short amount of time. And nevermind that I was balling like a baby by the time we hung up and a bit after. The phone call was just wonderful (and proves that the damn phone does IN FACT, work! woohoo!!) and her voice was just what I needed. (Is that excessivly repetitive? Oh well, deal.)

I even got the down low on Bonnie, poor thing. This also is part of what had me sobbing after I hung up. The cancer is apparently pretty advanced. The doctor refused to even show her her chest x-rays. (So it's in her chest too.) They only showed her parents. American doctors? They usually say EVERYTHING straight to your face. Shit, it must be bad. They are using the strongest chemo meds on her, and in fact, after her second session, she came home later and took a shower, and.... all of her hair fell out. Every single strand. She is a fighter and stubborn as hell, so she is fighting it. Apparently Bonnie was sick for a while, but thought it was just the flu or something. It wasn't just the flu. (Ok, hearing THAT scares the bejeebus out of me, quite frankly.) I am terrified for my friend. All I can do from here is pray for her. I hope that all of you will say a prayer, whatever your religion. She is such a good person, dammit. *Sigh*

So overall, a slight upswing for me today. May it please continue.

And for y'all that missed it yesterday about my "post" that I can't exactly post? The offer is still good. Trust me, it's worth it. Read Cheryl b.'s remark in comments after she read it yesterday! I will be happy to send it to you, just make sure I have your email address. (Carrie Jo, this includes you babe!)

I'm waiting.