My Two Cents

While reading the local paper today I noticed something in the "entertainment" section that, naturally, caught my eye.

The name Pierce Brosnan in bold was what did it. I love me some Pierce. Actually, I had a massive crush on him as far back as Remington Steele which was the ultimate in cornball, but who really gave a damn cause Pierce is adorably sexy, then. Hell, now as well for that matter!

Anyway, it seems that Pierce, damn him, has relinquished his position of OO7. Not only did he relinquish his James Bond role, but he made a suggestion for his successor too! I'm not so sure about this, however.

Pierce, Lord love him, suggested Colin Farrell.

Now you all know that I love me some Colin, that naughty, naughty thing. *Sigh,pant.* Problem is, I'm not too sure how he'd be as OO7, you know? I mean, here I was thinking just the other day about maybe Jude Law being a good one to replace Pierce. Somehow, I just don't think Colin is, um, mature enough to play OO7, while Jude is. Although, Colin has an intensity that I haven't seen as yet in Jude, which could be good.

Although, my very favorite Bond EVAH is Sean Connery, who is oh so naughty and cheeky just like our (hell with THAT!! MY) wee Irish Laddie Colin.

I think Colin is a fine actor. He has done some good stuff. Surprised me even .Held his own against Pacino (Oor was it DeNeiro? Whatever. )which impressed the hell out of me. But to be Bond. James Bond? I'm just not so sure.

Come on. What do you think? Jude or Colin? Any other suggestions? Hell, I guess as long as we don't get another Timothy Dalton we will be ok, no? *shudder, gag*


Its My Turn

MY turn is RIGHT!

My faithful readers will remember the lizard incident a couple of months ago, I am sure. Well, last night (ok, technically this morning, since it was 2:15am) after returning from a lovely evening with a large group of friends it was time to collapse in bed, or so I thought. A peaceful slumber was not to be mine, darlings!

I switched on the AirCon and moved to close the drapes so I could change….. and then all hell broke loose, so to speak. I pulled one side of the drapes closed, then reached for the other and twitched it closed and started to walk off when my excellent peripheral vision caught a movement on the top of the drapes by the curtain rod. It would seem that unfortunately (for me)I didn’t happen to see the damn LIZARD reposing on my drapes before shutting them.

My little domestic chore apparently dislodged it from it’s place and, well, it went apeshit and took a flying leap off the drapes as it tumbled from its perch……………

And almost landed on ME. ME! YES ME! The damn thing was airborne and I looked like it’s likely landing pad. I mean we were looking each other in the face, dangit! AW HELL NO! I took a huge leap backwards cussing up a storm something to the effect of “G*dammit, S*hit, So*nofa*Bit*h, Sh*t, Sh*t!!!” over and over again. The lizard fortunately landed on the nearby loveseat under the window that I was standing next to before my leap instead of on me, scrabbled over it and across, jumped off of the armrest onto the floor, ran across MY SHOES (ew! But my feet weren’t in them at least!) and shimmied up the wall and my dresser in a zig zag motion until I lost track of it.

I sort of tried to find it, but couldn’t, the dirty nasty thing. (Sorry Cheryl b. I know you love lizards but EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!)

I stupidly went to my husband and asked him to hunt and kill it while Nooshi, my houseguest chanted “YEAH, KILL IT!” since she loves the damn things about as much as I do, apparently. All together now, what did he say?

“No way! Are you joking?” Figures. I asked a few more times before I delivered my coup de grace….

“Wel, just remember what happed last time there was a lizard loose in the room you refused to find…. You know, it will probably be waiting for you in the sink in the morning when you go to shave and brush your teeth!”

Why couldn’t it have jumped at him instead? Ugh. Gee, and how was your day?


You Asked For It!

It’s that time of the week again! The time when I pick my poor brain of its memories and spew them out on my blog for your reading pleasure.

I must admit, Cheryl made me dredge the bottom of my memory for the answer to her question:

What was your favorite Halloween ever? Costume, who you were with, candy, everything. I love Halloween!

Well, the ONE Halloween that sticks out in my mind is the one when I was about 13 or so. I was this demon ghoul or some such. It sticks out cause it was the first Halloween after I got into doing theatrical makeup, so I did some cool shadowing and stuff in the hollows of my face and all. My face was all white with very dark shadows and all and I was dressed in a white sheet and I had spiked and sprayed my hair white so that it kind of looked like it was whipping in the wind, if you can imagine it. Overall good effect. The picture was appropriately ghoulish.

I went trick-or-treating with Rebecca, Natalie, and Heather. As I recall, it was a very good haul of candy that evening. People were appropriately impressed with my costume, or perhaps I should say MAKEUP.

Typically I trick-or-treated with my two cousins Sandra and Michelle who lived about 6 blocks away. We usually got shitloads of candy, which was then promptly pawed through by Uncle B, Mama, and Aunt R. that we couldn’t touch until the all-clear. Ugh. Never mind that we then proceeded to trade off what we didn’t like for what we DID like. Heh.

What really sticks out in my memory is Jack-O-lanterns. We were real into Jack-O-lanterns.

A funny story? About 2 years ago I took Arianna trick-or-treating and this one house had done so much decoration- it was really good! - and I thought it was a dummy person decoration that when it moved towards me (it was a real person lying in wait for dopes like me) I still don’t remember who screamed loudest - Arianna or Me! SHE is the one that jumped a good foot and a half off the ground though!

This year I made friends with almost every freaking dog in the neighborhood. Well, that and a lovely group of Scottish people that when they discovered my love (and Ari’s) of Scotland, they ALL proceeded to start piling handfuls of candy in Ari’s bag with an extra few lollipops “for your Mom”. Hot Damn! (I shit you not! HANDFULS, Y’all!)

Carrie Jo also got me to thinking with: What is the weirdest dream you ever had?

There are really so many. I have to actually pick one? Um, Carrie honey, does that strange dream I had last week where I was baking and I cracked an egg and it had a double yolk count? Cause it didn’t make a lick of sense to me! (Opinions anyone?)

I have lots of strange dreams. Maybe one of the weirdest was when I was pregnant with Arianna. My grandmother Mildred came to me in a dream. (Now I don’t usually dream in color, per se) but she was smiling at me, and I could hear her voice very clearly and her laugh (which I also don’t HEAR the voices in the dream as much as communicate with thoughts in my dream, like telepathy) and I could see the vivid blue of her eyes. Anyway, she was smiling and talking to me, and then laughing and holding a platinum blond baby with blue eyes which she then handed to me. (Arianna did not look like that when she was born. So who the heck was the baby? I understood it to be mine?!)

Now what was strange about that? Well, Grandmother Mildred died about 4 years or so before I was even born, so I'd never met her, unfortunatlely. Also? I’ve never heard her voice nor seen a color picture of her. When I described it to my Mom, the voice and the eye color, I was pretty much right on.

Another similar dream was Z’s father came to me in a dream also. He was trying to show me something in my asshole boss’s office in a cupboard… something he was trying to keep hidden or a secret. He kept going to this cabinet door and opening it. I kept “asking” what he was getting at, and he looked frustrated until I started getting it. Kind of like playing charades, I guess. Then when I understood what he wanted me to know, (that A.A. the asshat was hiding things) he gave me a smile and looked pleased with me. I woke with the feeling that he was trying to protect me somehow.

I never met Z’s father either. He died the same day and year as my Grandmother Mildred.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other strange dreams. I’m sure there are some though. Although, the one about the freaking shark chasing me ON LAND (all right, on a raised pier) and trying to get at me through a door last week was a doozy. It was right in my face too.

Did I mention I DESPISE SHARKS? Well, now I did.

And oh, by the way, I have yet another strange tale to share.

Tonight, in almost pitch dark but for the streetlights, Z and I saw yet another Bahraini Redneck beat-up car doing weird shit. You are NEVER gonna believe this. (Well, Mahmood might)

The car was driving real slow with only it’s fog lights on off to the side of an off ramp (Mahmood, going towards Sanabis, the new one) and Z said “LOOK AT THAT!” I stared in shock.

The car, white and beat all to hell, had a dog, that looked like a Pitbull, trotting alongside it. ON. A LEASH.PEOPLE. The leash was clamped in the shut drivers door with the dog trailing (attached) alongside it. WHAT THE F*CK??????????

That is probably the laziest shit I have EVER seen in my LIFE. Gawd, it wasn’t THAT hot out tonight at all! In fact, it wasn’t warm, and there was even a bit of a breeze. Jeez. Boy did I get pissed off on the doggie’s behalf.

Only in Bahrain!

Thanks ladies for the questions this week!


More Deep Thoughts

Yeah right! Since when? (Oh allright! I occasionally do get all deep and introspective and all that jazz on you. But not today. Oh no!)

No. Because I have had one thought running through my brain today over and over again ever since I got back from my manicure/pedicure appointment.

Look how nice, clean, soft and silky, not to mention pretty and pampered my feet and toes look with their blood red shiny painted toenails!! Which led to the next thought..........

My toes are all prettied up and no one to suck on them. *pout*

WHAAAAAAAAAAT?????? Don't go and wonder where that came from. Remember The Inquisition question last week? Well, it would seem I am seriously missing out here, and I have it on the highest authority that it is better than sliced bread, the wheel, wine and a fine meal, not to mention a few other things I will refrain from mentioning.

Yes, it remains to be seen, Cheryl b, Carrie Jo, and my special friend have brainwashed me BIGTIME. Now I'm all sad. Look what you girls have started!! I mean really! The foot massage that I got with the pedicure was nice, but.... well........ you've made me all curious and stuff now. You have NO IDEA what I'm like when I'm curious but to give you a hint? To say I have a highly inquisitive nature is a bit of a freaking understatement. Z is SO not helpful, the rat. *sigh, wiggles toes*

Speaking of the Inquisition! Whip out those quetions babies! As is? I'm wracking my brain for a Halloween memory for Cheryl b.


The Inquisition - Week 4

Would you belive I almost forgot to post my interrogation post invite this week? Shame on me, I know!

You all know the deal. For those of you that don't (or have short term memory) a refresher: you have until 12:01am Pacific Time on Tuesday to ask me any question your heart desires. Later on Tuesday, you will have the answers you seek. Fair enough? Good.

So, come on, gimmie some questions!

And by the way? Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!
Don’t I Wish?

The other day I had an interesting experience at the airport while waiting for my friend & houseguest from Iran to arrive.

Z and I were standing around waiting for the flight to arrive near the help desk (We had to give her entry visa to the counter guys to take up to Immigration to allow her to come through.)

Anyhoo, while I was looking at the arrivals board and noticing that her plane landed I suddenly felt a touch on my leg. At first I thought I was imagining, but no, there! I felt that touch on my thigh again I turned around to give whoever it was a piece of my mind, and then I realized I had to look down as I felt the tapping on my leg again. The sweetest voice was saying “Mama! Mama!” to me now.

I looked down and my eyes fell on a gorgeous 1 ½ year old little girl smiling up at me and calling me MAMA. I looked at her beautiful huge sky blue eyes and dark burnished gold fat curls on her head with the little ponytail spout of hair on the top of her head just how I used to fix Arianna’s hair. She started grinning at me with the few teeth she had all shiny and white like little pearls.

Immediately I was enchanted with her and stooped down to her level and started talking to her. I looked up and noticed her Sri Lankan nanny standing nearby staring at her with adoration and smiling at me in kind. I just had to touch this little angel when what I really wanted was to grab her and give her a big cuddly hug. I held out my hand and she trustingly put hers in mine, patting me while staring deep into my eyes and continuing to call me mama. I looked around and told Z “Look at this angel who keeps calling me Mama. Don’t I wish???” He was smiling at her also. She was such a beautiful child, I don’t know who couldn’t look at her with that dopey besotted look on their face, I really don’t.

Finally Z told me “We have to go, the plane is here and she should be out any minute now!” and he pulled a reluctant me away from my angel. I dragged my feet as I left her, even though I was excited to see my friend after two years. I turned around and found that my new little friend was staring at me across the airport… still. Twice more I turned around and found her watching me. Then finally her nanny picked her up and walked away with her to take her back to her parents and my friend exited customs.

I still can’t get that little face out of my mind.

Who’s with me to hunt Wand Monkey down like the rabid bastard he is and break his useless hands? I should totally have a baby of my own by now, dammit!

Sigh. On with the hunt!