The First Day

Today was Arianna's first day of 5th grade.

Last night she was trailing around after me, checking, double-checking and triple-checking that I was not forgetting anything for her first day. Luchbox-CHECK. Uniform - CHECK. Shoes- Polished , CHECK. Blah blah blah. She went to bed early, without my nagging her. WOW!

My poor baby. She was so nervous. She set her alarm clock and passed right out.

It would seem she was more anxious than even I figured. Poor thing woke up a 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. She watched a video quietly until 5:30, not waking up the house until then. She was ready and had fixed her own breakfast even! (Ok, it was cereal, toast and tea, but STILL!) She is very self-sufficient at any rate.

Off she went to school. . She was the first student there, before they even unlocked the gates! Met her new homeroom teacher who seems very nice. Then she took a look at the class list posted on the door. Oh no! Some kids she really can't stand from last year (boys). Exit parents, stage Left.

Tick tock, tick tock........... Cut to 3:13 pm........

School bus arrives home. I ask how her day went as I lift the backpack off her shoulders and take her now empty lunch box from her hand. Lunch is waiting on the table for her. Hands now washed as she begins her tale.

It would seem that she didn't have as much fun as she expected today. Only 8 students in her class showed up. 8 out of 20. Hmmmmmm. Teacher couldn't really do much. THEN, her French teacher didn't show up today either! I told her to look on the bright side. She asked me "What bright side MOMMMMMMM? MY FRENCH TEACHER DIDN"T COME!" I said "The bright side being, maybe its a NEW French teacher since you despised the one you had last year!" (she loved her French teacher the first 3 years-and she loved Arianna also, but then they gave her a different one last year. She still did fine, but didn't ENJOY the class.) Well, this perked her RIGHT UP! OOH! She just told me that she saw her favorite French teacher and she came and gave her a big hug. Awwwww, that's nice.

Apparently, there is a different Principal from 5th grade on up. Apparently he is a real hard-ass. Principal Melvin. I made her repeat that name a few times while I laughed my ass off. MELVIN? Principal Melvin? She asked what was so funny, I said, well,that's just kind of a nerd name is all.... but I'm sure he isn't a nerd at all!" *snicker, chortle, guffaw*

She keeps coming to me with new stories. I think I really like this new teacher of hers!!! She was just ranting that every time a new teacher came to be introduced, she made them all stand up to attention and say "GOOD MORNING MISS _______" then sit back down again.

Yup, I like her already.


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