I am completely blown away by the sheer magnitude of what I see on CNN and BBC World hour by hour.

Something like 160,000 people dead and thousands still missing. I watch the home videos, and listen to the stories in macabre fascination. Watching video of the water overtaking the beaches, hotels, streets, people, cars, everything in its path.

Tonight I listened to a beautiful little American girl about 9 years old describe the sound of the water coming behind her as she and her 5 year old sister and parents ran. Fortunately, they all survived it. Others were not so lucky. Many, many others still are missing. I'm sure there are areas that haven't even been visited yet with more dead just waiting to be found.

I pray for the people, regardless of religious denomination or nationality that have been affected by this horrible tragedy.

I can only hope, perhaps naively, that the world will learn from this tragedy and come together, or at least try harder, but sadly, I doubt they will. It doesn't hurt to hope though, does it?

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bre said...

you know what is supremely sick and sad? this 19 yr old girl was stuck in the flood, these two *men* rescued her from the water, just to rape her and leave her for dead!!!!!!!!! I cried when i read that.... i don't remember where i read that, i know it was online, prolly on the associated press web site.