Happy Easter!

To all my readers and frequent or infrequent lurkers, I'd like to wish you a Happy Easter whether you're Christian or not!

I mean, The Easter Bunny has NOTHING to do with Christianity, now does he? Nope.

I'm accepting Easter gifts in the form of Chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, cause I love them SO and we don't get them here where I live, which is thoroughly depressing in the extreme, believe me! Alternatively, Easter Egg shaped rescues Peanut Butter Cups will drive you DEEP into the recesses of my heart with the force of TNT.

I would also like to announce that I am formally re-instating The Weekly Inquisition, for those of you who have missed picking at my brains each week, starting this week.

In case you've forgotten, ask me a question , whatever strikes your fancy, by 12 Noon Pacific time on Tuesday and I'll reply by Wednesday morning. That's it.

Go on, I'll be waiting. For both your chocolate donations AND your questions.


oliviadrab said...

Happy Easter, doll!

Mmmm. Chocolate marshmallow bunnies. That does sound good. I couldn't resist chocolate malted milk eggs and subsequently suffered Glucophage hangover. But it was soooooooooooooo worth it.

cheryl b. said...

Speaking of rabbits..........my question (well, two really) is how often do you and Z have sex, and how often would you like to?

bre said...

peeps!!!! can't forget the peeps! oh oh oh, and the the uhm CADBURY CHOCOLATE CREME FILLED EGGS!!!!!! (homer drool) i can't WAIT for next Easter.. heeeeeheeeheee