Why Does She Do That?

I'm sure this is the question that goes through the minds of security staff daily. Particulary at my work.

I'll give you all the number one reason I could never be a bank robber or thief in general:

I have this odd habit of making faces at security cameras.

I really do. And I do it a lot. I mean. A. LOT.

In Banks, at ATM machines (my favorite, actually) at work, in elevators, not in stores so much, but sometimes? The urge hits to do it there too! And when I mean make faces? I mean make faces like a 3 year old. Crossed eyes, or bugged eyes (depending on mood) sticking the tongue out at different angles-type faces. Heh.

Juvenile of me, I know, but it's fun. Its an almost uncontrollable urge I have. Silly me.

Imagine me trying to rob a bank or something,hmm? Pull of the heist without a hitch, then... as I try to leave with the loot I pass a security camera and.......

*makes face, sticks tongue out* sings "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyaaaah nyaaaaahhhhhhhh!" *shakes butt*

Not that I'd ever want to or anything. Rob a bank. But you know what I mean.

Right? *makes a face*


Genuine said...

Don't you know your face will stick like that?

Indigo Wolf said...

You mean like this: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~wlu/misc/Funny_Face_1.JPG ?