SO FED UP!!!!!!!!!

To all my loyal and faithful readers, aka "my posse":

I think you will all agree with me that it is waaaay past time for me to kiss blogger.com adieu. Right?

To that end, I've moved on to greener pastures and decided to get my own private digs where I will (hopefully) not have to deal with crazy-ass shit like my blog freezing up for over a week and NO ONE AT BLOGGER HELPING (OTHER THAN A LAME ASS COMPUTER GENERATED EMAIL that was good for NOTHING WHATSOEVER) REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY DAMN HELP MEEEEEEEE PLEEEASE???!!! EMAILS I SEND! (hint, hint!!)

Say it with me now, "Blogger.com!?! It's been great, but, KISS MY GRITS!"

Yes! That's RIGHT! I've got my own brand-spankin new HAVEN! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Check it out: For a good time, click this link!

Let me know what you think! Until then,

"Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"

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