Holy S--t!

I was just filling out my overtime sheet for work and totalled up my OT hours for the month to date.

68.75 hours of overtime.

No wonder I'm so damn tired. Jeesh.

Also? I was wondering if anyone could dig a hole for me to crawl into for the duration? I will admit I'm feeling a bit sheepish at the moment and want to lay low.

I bet you're ALL wondering what I've done that could make me say such, huh?

Well, talking to my boss about our Chairman of the Board, well, he is an extremely handsome older gentleman- about some photos from the meetings and he told me to pick the best ones for printing, and I said "well, he is very attractive, so this will be difficult to pick one or two. Look how photogenic he is!" Then a male head of dept who was in the room said 'As a man, even I will admit he is very good looking!" and I said "ok, He's really handsome, then." (HE IS! and SUCH a gentleman.) to which my boss replied "Oh boy! I'm gonna tell him you think so!" while getting the same cheeky grin on his face of a 5-year-old boy. I said "NO!" and he said "I'm going to tell him! So? The whole Board has a crush on you anyway!! They even love your name."


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cheryl b. said...

Hey, don't they know you're mine?! Of course they have crushes on you, I do and we've never ever "met".Congtatulations on getting hired on permanently, I knew they would.