Party at my place!

Okay, so most weekends I might leave the house once and thats to raid the nearest drive-thru and run back home faster than you can blink. Well, that and to get formula. (because seriously, I have TWO breasts, not FOUR Of course I have to supplement with formula.) But more often than not, there is a baby hanging from my boob- or more accurately, wrapped around one.

Due to other varied circumstances beyond my/our control, my bestest girlfriends and I don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. We're closer than close, and really, both of them were really there -specially N- when I was pregnant and in ICU, hospital, and hell, prior to my quad pregnancy even through my miscarriages. I miss my girls, ya know?

Well totally unplanned, they both, plus 1.5 (another friend who's hugely pregnant from work) all showed up at my house today. Well SURPRISE! YAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. My afternoon turned into "musical laps" for the babies and it was great. Made my whole month, I swear.


Thanks ladies, it was great to see you.

Ugh, back to work tomorrow...I wonder who's not going to show up this week?

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