Mama Cyn

Something funny has happened since I gave birth to quadruplets.... I've apparently become the 'go to' person for expectant & new fathers (particulary those with twins on the way) that know me at work, and their wives, which in a way is kind of cool. Like I'm some kind of expert. Well I suppose that in some weird way I am.

I mean, I got pregnant, I carried them well, worked until about 5 weeks prior to delivery, no serious complications in a very uneventful pregnancy until I developed a nasty lung infection that made all hell break loose and sent my ass straight into ICU for a week prior to delivering. Had nice gorgeous babies with good Apgars. I'm back at work. I haven't totally lost my mind(yet) - I dont' think. I'm managing... somehow.

Ok, I have in-house live-in help while I'm at work. I pay for it, which I call piece of mind while I am at work that allows me to concentrate and do what I need to do to get paid, have medical insurance for all of us, life insurance coverage on me, and the benefits I get via my job that benefit my whole family and literally put food on the table and diapers on my babies precious little butts.

But when I'm home, and in the middle of the night, and all weekend long- I'm very hands on. I stayed home till the babies were almost 5 months old. I was ON 24/7 and looked it. I slept precisely 2 hours a day - not counting the couple of times I would fall asleep while peeing. Not for long, but you know, a catnap. My numb butt woke me up. It got to the point during my 3am-5am sleep that when a baby would cry and I would fly upright in the bed, hubby would force me back down and I would pop right back up, mostly still asleep. Again, he would gently push me down until I would stay down, insisiting that i would get those couple of hours in my tired self.

I guess what I'm getting at is that what I started my blog for, and am continuing it, has been mirrored in real life. And for that, I'm doubly grateful. Because if my experiences and 'knowledge' such as it is, can help someone have a better day, or make their pregnancy or infertility journey a little bit easier to get through, then all the better in my book.

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