Curiosity Killed The Cat


I have an appointment tomorrow with that IVF specialist Professor woman from Germany I mentioned earlier (when the IVF cycle was cancelled). Tomorrow at 3:30.

Why the hell am I so bloody nervous?

Maybe I'm afraid of what she will say. I'm seeing her at the advice of Wand Monkey and while I know his main reasons for suggesting the consultation with her:1: For me to get YET another opinion 2:To make some extra money for the hospital and IVF Clinic and 3: To shut me the hell up. BTW, for #3?? Yeaaah, RIGHT it will shut me up! Heh. Bottom line is, I'm going to see her because to me, Wand Monkey's explaination of "I don't know why it didn't work" combined with a shrug of his shoulders doesn't fly with me. It's unacceptable. Hell, I would have been happy with an educated guess, a theory, a hunch, a vision he had in a dream on his lunch break... ANYTHING but him shaking his damn head at me looking just as confused as I was (am).

I'm hoping for some answers. Suggestions-ok, other than ovarian drilling- cause that freaks me way the hell out. Uh, no. Drill? Inside? Me? Taking out pieces of my reproductive organs? Uh, HELL NO. For it to come back in 6 months? Awwww HELLLLLL NO. That piece of brilliance was Wand Monkey's suggestion... again, I get the feeling just to shut me up. Asshat.

You know what I'm REALLY hoping she will say (in front of Wand Monkey)?? That the suggestions I made were right. You know, the suggestions, simple things really, that he blew off, were worthy of at least minute consideration, because to my mind, obviously, something is being overlooked round here. For the record, I asked repeatedly the following of him .. you know, what do you think? or Do you think I should??"

1: Take Metformin (Glucophage) for a few months before trying another cycle (I mean, all the damn studies I've read have found this to be highly beneficial particulary in women with PCOS, like me.) Also, there is the TEENSY little fact that I GOT PREGNANT in 1999 by doing this and only taking some Clomid tablets orally (Ok, mega doses of 250mg a day for 5 days, but still!)only, no IVF,erm. just... nookie and lots of it on the right day of the cycle. So considering that it worked in the past for me... WHY THE HELL NOT??? Fine.
2: Take Folic Acid in the months leading up to a cycle. (He said NO. Actually, not even during the IVF cycle...which was weird to me.)

If she says any of these things to me tomorrow, you just KNOW I'm gonna smirk at him and say, "Well, I suggested this to HIM several times, but HE said no." Think I won't say it?

The HELL I won't!

Don't worry, I'll make a report to you all tomorrow.

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