Sincere Thanks,Congratulations, and a big Southern Welcome!!!

First of all I would like to say Congratulations to Lee and the missus on the birth of their little beauty Jayne yesterday. I find it fitting that the little angel was born in the middle of Haiku Smackdown. Welcome to the world little one!

Allrighty then. Secondly, I really must give a shout out and a huge thanks to Genuine! Apparently I crack him up like nobodys business. He's a big sweetheart! Seems he's trying to put a little blogger traffic my way, so for this, he deserves a cyber hug from me! *Big hug* Say it with me now......Awwwwwwww, ain't that sweet?? It sure is.

See, more of Genuine's readers would know me if his blog didn't HATE ME! Yes, for some reason unknown to both Genuine and myself, his blog will not allow me to leave comments. It is the strangest thing. That is a real pity, because believe me,I'm chock full of comments most days. Heh.

To all of you darlings that might be visiting for the first time due to either Genuine's reference OR to having had a close encounter of the Haiku Smackdown kind with me yesterday, I bid you Welcome to my Haven!!

Please come on in, take off your shoes, or whatever else yanks your chain (cause we're all friends here. I won't take video unless you want me too, but I get a cut of the proceeds from the sales!), put your feet up and have a nice cold glass of lemonade with me. Allright, not in the mood for lemonade? Not even SPIKED lemonade? Sigh. Well, I must be hospitable of y'all will think my Mama didn't instill me with proper manners... how bout a pitcher of margheritas? Yeah, I thought that might appeal! *wink* If you're nice, I'll even break out with my homemade 7 layer dip and chips to go along with the bottomless pitcher of margs.

To my regular visitors: terribly sorry I haven't posted since Daddy's Day y'all. It's been one of those weeks. One of those weeks I'd rather forget and not experience again.I'll be better, I promise. As a pennance, I will put one of my favorite southern jokes of all time on here for eternity. Hows that??

Mighty Fine....heh!

Three Southern Belle's are sitting on the front porch of a plantation manor house sipping lemonade. All three are filthy rich and devastatingly beautiful and chariming.

The first Belle, who's father owns the plantation they are at, says to her friends: "Y'all, my Daddy is so rich, that he owns all this land as far as the eye can see in four directions. All of our fields are so very very prosperous, that Daddy says that even my Mama couldn't spend all the profits from them!" She looks at the other two smugly, yet sweetly. Belle number two smiles and says... How lovely for y'all honey!" Belle number three also smiles and says "That's mighty fine!!"

The Second Belle, not to be outdone, tells the other two: "Well, MY Daddy owns the finest cattle and horseflesh in the whole South! The Derby winner every year is from our stables. Even the President himself has horses from our stables!" Belle two waits for the appropriate comments from one and three which follow in short order. One (Slightly jealously and cattily replies: "Well isn't that wonderful darlin?" Belle No 3 replies with "Well, that's MIGHTY FINE!!" with just the sweetest expression you ever did see on her face.

Well, the first two belles are waiting for Belle No 3 to regale them with how wonderful her Daddy is. She stays quiet a bit longer..

Finally, belle one, the richest and most hoity toity of all three can't hold herself quiet anymore and says to belle No 3 inquiringly "Well darlin, what about YOUR Daddy?"

She replies, voice dripping with honey sweetness, :"Well, since you asked, my daddy isn't as rich as your daddy or yours either , although we are well to do and live on a plantation also" My Daddy figured the best use for his money was to send his baby girl, me, to deportment classes and finishing school. Which is why I say "That's mighty fine!" instead of "Fuck you bitch!"

Update: Genuine, under threat of no Southern Breakfast, has managed to get my ban from his blog lifted! woooohoooo!

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