Rigidly Flexible

Somehow, I kinda figured that would get your attention. Heavens know it got mine! Come on, join me in the gutter for laps. Heh.

Y'all remember Katie, my tequila drinking buddy and new "mate" from a few weeks ago? Weeeel, we decided to be good girls and went for afternoon English Tea at the Ritz-Carlton. No booze this time. Ha. THIS time. Sound nice? It was. So lovely, so relaxing. A real treat long overdue.

Katie is Irish, like MOI, excecpt that she was BORN THERE. Sigh. But, she grew up in Austrailia, so she totally has this Austrailian accent. I swear her voice is just like Nicole Kidman. Excecpt, she is 5'1, not 6'1. Totally "black Irish", beautiful shiny black hair, milky skin like me, and these HUGE gorgeous blue eyes. She is SO much fun to be with, such a complete sweetheart. We have a blast together.

So I was doing fine at behaving myself and having a lovely afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and fresh blackberry & raspberry preserves, delicate slivers of cake. Yum. Yum. Yum. Well, at least I was until Katie started talking about an interview she went on recently. Then, well, then I started laughing my ass off.

She was regaling me with the details of the working hours in particular. They told her flexible working hours. So, she therefore wanted them to go into greater detail. This older and very stodgy British gentleman went on to clarify that they have "Rigidly Flexible" hours. Katie paused for effect and looked at me, eyebrow waggle. Smart girl.

"Rigidly Flexible??", I ask, snikering and trying to behave myself. "Isn't that a contradiction in terms? How can it be rigid and flexible? Well, some things can be, but not what we are talking about!" That did it for Katie, cause she knew what I was talking about. *la la la, whistles Dixie while doing laps in gutter* She started laughing, and then I started. As if I could have held it in? The hell I could. And of course I then went on to make a few really naughty comments about rigidly flexible things -quietly of course!- all the while laughing myself silly in the most dignified manner possible and making Katie chortle with glee.

Y'all? Do you have ANY idea how difficult that is? It's damn hard. Hell, it's so hard in fact, that it could NEVER be considered rigidly flexible.

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