The Flashback

Tonight, Z and I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It was the first time I watched it from beginning to end. (I can hear your gasps of disbelief all the way the hell over here on the other side of the freaking planet, y'all!)

Ok, how many of you every now and then flash back to your youth?

You! Yes, you! Don't even think of trying to tell me you don't.

I'm sure it happens..... you're listening to the radio and the DJ goes into his own youth and plays something that just triggers the MEMORIES. Whatever the song, you remember the first concert you ever attended.... your first kiss... a school dance...a really great date..your first love... your first... ahem, never mind. You know what I mean!

You get the idea. Same goes for movies. Do you ever watch a movie and something triggers a memoy?

An outfit, shoes (Come on, admit it, you had VANS, didn't you?) legwarmers? Those plastic black bracelets that HAD to be worn at least 50 at a time ! A certain hair cut. A car just like the guy/girl you had a MAJOR crush on in high school or your first car for that matter! The character reminds you that you knew somebody JUST like that?! The jerk math teacher?

Don't you just end up all nostalgic? Could be in a good way, or it makes you sad.

Sure, I admit it. It can make me smile wistfully, or a wee bit sad too. A, maybe a small stroll down memory lane is in order for me.

The song "I just died in your arms tonight" by the Cutting Crew? Remember it? I cannot hear that song without thinking of my first love, David. (Hah! Even Z doesn't know the name of my first love, but I just admitted it to you!) That song was playing every single time we were together by some freaky coincidence. Good times those. He was the good friend, older than me by quite a bit, that somehow turned into somthing more, and it was really a beautiful relationship. Everytime I hear the song, even now 18 years later, I get a smile on my face and think of David for a bit. Nice memories all. A real gentleman, smart as hell with a phenominal memory unlike anything I've ever come across before or since! Funny and caring, considerate, protective and romantic. 6'1, silky jet black really wavy hair and big green eyes... and probably the best kisser ever!!!! Yes, EVER. (sigh!)

I never, ever dated guys from my school. Not once. I went out with guys from OTHER schools... always older than me. Don't ask me why, I just did. Maybe because, even though it was off and on with my moving around, I basically knew majority of these guys since elementary school. Heh, David was WAY out of school for that matter. I suppose that would explain why my husband is 7 years older than me (regardless of the lies he tells people about our age difference!)

Lets see now, enough about my early romantic life! (Sorry darlings!)

Now where was I? Oh yeah! Memory triggers. Yeah, I can't see "The Reflex" video or hear the song by Duran Duran without remembering my first concert, which was Duran Duran. Amazing. They filmed the video for it the night after I went to the concert! Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell"... many a school dance. Any Van Halen song... reminds me of my sister (RIP) Shelly's LUST of David Lee Roth but she would lose her damn mind just thinking about him in the "JUMP" video! "Safety Dance"= rollerskating. Hell, many songs remind me of rollerskating on Friday nights. The Smiths? I got SO busted for going to that concert with my cousin Sandra. Shit. My hair was blonde and she thought it would be cool to put her burgandy hair mousse in my hair for the night and then wash it out when we came home and before I went back home the next day. The concert was amazing! The gutairist got yanked into the crowd when some of the fans in the audience pulled him offstage by the wire that attached his gutair to the amp! Of course, that is nothing compared to the sound Sandra made later than night when I was bent over with my head under the bathtub faucet and she was attempting to shampoo the mousse out of my hair. Lets put it this way.... my hair was.. .erm, pink. Like Bazooka Bubble Gum pink. Boy did I have hell to pay when mama got a load of my hair. U2 and the Cult. Reminds me of a guy Simon I dated. He was great until I introduced him to Sandra. Shithead left me for her. Wham! Madonna.... shall I continue?

One more trip down memory lane, do you mind? Amalah suggested I do this eventually.

I was a good girl when I was younger, in my mid-late teens. (ie: I was not a ho and I didn't do drugs OR smoke and I was always out with the same couple of friends) Mom always (pretty much) always knew where I was. But BOY did I have a blast.

I think I've mentioned that Duran Duran was my very favorite group, even though I liked all music. But I did the think Mom said I would never do. I met them, thanks to David and quite a bit of gumption on my part. When the album Notorious came out... the whole damn album is one big memory for me. The summer of that tour was one I can never forget. Heh. That was a pretty wild summer. I met so many celebrities that summer it's amazing. I was going backstage to concerts. Hanging with Famous (at the time) muscians.... Billy Idol, The Cult (Made me forget ALL about Simon the jerk), Poison (one of my friends started dating one of the guys from Poison). My other friend was a bit of a closet ho (scratch that, she was not a friend in the end I found out, the bitch) , BUT, she had a "relationship" with the new gutairist for Duran, Warren Cucurillo (who was previously with Missing Persons). No, I did not date or DO any famous person. Actually, I liked things the way they were. They liked having me around to talk to, to joke with, (and I was a cutie, so it wasn't THAT) For instance, Kat, the ho, we would take her to Warrens and she would get PISSED when he said over the intercom "Is Cyn there?" I'd say "HI!!!" while she was giving me the look. He'd insist I come up too! showed me his studio at his place, and all, would play gutair for us, (me, still getting fuck off looks from Kat) chat and joke around. I ended up becoming good friends with a VP at Capitol/EMI records too! He was so nice. Kat would be bitchy bragging about "doing" these guys. I said "I'd rather be friends with them then for them to see me as a piece of ass. The difference is, they respect me. They want YOU around for 30 minutes or however long... but they want ME around to hang out with, watch a movie, grab a bite to eat, or just chat. (OK, she was being bitchy, and I can only take so much before I finally give it back). I was actually honored that I was trusted with some of the things they would talk to me about. Trust. They knew they could trust me in an industry where you can't trust anyone. *warm fuzzies*

I wasn't "friends" with EVERYONE.. just the few people I mentioned above.

I was freaked to be in the same room with Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear (and saw them do some things that I won't say I saw them do on my blog) You wanna feel real ugly girls, real fast? Stand in the vicinity of some of the 80's supermodels. Yasmin Le Bon, Christy Turlington... for starters. No matter how pretty you are, I guarantee, you'll feel like ALPO SUPREME. My list of celebreties can go on.... Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder..and on... so I'll stop here, ok?

Maybe not.

Memories. Who would have known that a few years later I'd be engaged? Funny. Glad I did what I did when I did. It was so much damn fun. I autograph hunted a bit also. A total blast!!

Guess who the most gracious actor I met was? George Hamilton. Mr. Tan. haha. He is MUCH better looking in person, such a gentleman, very elegant and well, gracious. And his smile could rival the sun. I knew Matthew Perry before "Friends". I've got a lovely picture of the two of us too! Nice guy.

I later got to feed my Celebrity itch later at the job I had right before I moved here to Bahrain. It was (is) one of the top day spas & salons in LA. Loads of famous people would come.... daily. Cool when they know you by name, no? You know who I absolutely LOVE? Two ladies. Cindy Costner (Kevin' s Ex) and actress Marlee Matlin. When I "told" Marlee goodbye and that I was moving overseas (remember, she is deaf) she gave me the BIGGEST hug and was all sad. Cindy, she is a wonderful woman and very kind when I said goodbye to her also.

You know, it's surreal when I watch movies, MTV or E! Channel (which I LOVE) and I see people on there that I've been face to face with and even talked to. But kinda cool too, cause you know? It causes another flashback and usually a really pleasant memory.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little trip down memory lane, or my "Flashback". Maybe, just maybe I'll do a flashback 2, but no promises.

I'm curious, what triggers a flashback for you? I showed you mine, now show me yours.

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