Hello my darlings. Ms Scarlett has a new handbag babies! WOOOOHOOO!!!! With a matching wallet.

My SIL (the most normal one of the bunch... ok, and she is also the RICH ONE) came back from her vacation. She always brings gifts back. She knows what a accessory addict I am, so I got a purse with a matching wallet. LOAVE IT! She buys good gifts too. She is well known for her exquisite taste... well, that and the fact that she loves to buy expensive things. Last year, she brought me back a lovely camel colored Gucci shoulder bag. (I needed a camel colored bag badly at the time!) This trip?

I got Burberry! Wheeeee! It's my first Burberry bag-hell, anything Burberry!- evah!! Never mind that everyone else got a SHITLOAD of stuff. I'm just grateful I got anything, much less a lovely bag and wallet like this!

Now I just have to figure out what to wear it with.... see, it's the NEW collection ... and is pale baby pink, with baby blue stripe and pale beige. Hmmmm. I have exactly ONE baby blue blouse, LONG SLEEVED. No. that won't work now.....

You know me.... I'll figure somethin out, devious wench that I am!

Oh, and by the way... MONSTER will be back shortly after September 1st. God help me. I NEED A DAMN JOB BEFORE SHE GETS BACK! Can you imagine me being stuck in the house ALL DAMN DAY WITH HER???? This would NOT be good.

I'm gonna go cry now, or maybe just throw a hissyfit. I don't know yet. What I DO know is that this news just ruined all my new purse happy. Dammit.


pinksundrops said...

I wanna see the purse :) !

amyesq said...

Just found your blog and skimmed the archives. I was loving it more and more and this post (of all of them, I know weird) made me think we are so much alike! I just saw those new BB bags at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday and it was all I could do not to whip out the AMEX! Look forward to finishing reading the blog and to seeing new posts.

gladia said...

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