Things That Make You Go......... WHAT THE HELL????

Before I get to the subject, I'd like to reiterate my comment of a few weeks ago. To all you lurkers out there..... I. DO. NOT. BITE. (ok, maybe I nibble a little) Leave a damn comment already. I'm feeling so UNLOVED here! *sniff sniff* You have no idea how happy I get when I see comments.

My goal is to be a 'Comment Ho'... just like Genuine!! He's MY IDOL. Ok, So is Mindy. (love ya Min!!) Hell, Hula Doula has whooped my ass too! (you GO Girl!) Allright. I admit it..I'm jealous. There. Happy now?

Now on with our scheduled programming.................

In case I forgot to mention it... 2 weeks ago I lost my job. I. Am. JOBLESS. (I really hate this shit) In August. August in Bahrain is..... well... deserted. Everyone in the country scoots out on vacation for a month. Yes, people get 30 day vacations here. Quiet YOUS! My vacation just got screwed all to hell....now it's postponed. Ugh. ie, how am I gonna get a job when most of the employers are ON VACATION???????? Yeah, exactly. I'm SO FUCKED. I went on ONE interview last Sunday.... at a company I've been DYING to get a job at for over 6 years. Pray for me, willya? I could use all the help I can get.

So, today, my mobile phone rings...(cell phone for the Americans out there) guess who? My boss - Mr. 'F' -that just decided to let me go 2 weeks ago.. checking on me to see if I have a new job... that he's thinking of me.. WHAT THE HELL?????

He let me go, why? Cause there wasn't enough work in English for me, really, to justify paying me my big fat cushy salary.... that's why. He realized this a little late dammit. I left a job where my boss ADORED ME. Like... LOVES ME.... I could DO NO WRONG IN HIS EYES PEOPLE! The rest of the staff loved me. I was IN CONTROL. I was an OFFICE MANGER. I made decisions with almost no interference (excecpt final sign off approval from the owner.. my boss...)on a daily basis. Why did I leave? Cause...... 62% higher salary darlings, thats why! Stupid, stupid me. Sigh. I mean, my prior boss, we shall call him T, has been calling me during the past 6 months to check on me and see if Im happy. He was so bummed when I left, really hurt... he gave me the puppydog look dammit every day from the day I resigned... and it took him almost 4 months to replace me, cause he wasn't happy with anyone.... I FOUND MY OWN REPLACEMENT FOR HIM! The employees would go to her, my friends sister mind you, and tell her that "no offence, but I really miss Cyn". Well shit.

So now, today, I have my last boss, F, calling to check on me. Attack of guilt? Probably. It WAS nice of him though. He didn't have to.

But the bottom line? I'm still shit out of luck with a job.


Indigo Wolf said...

Man that really really sucks. I also lost my job 2 weeks ago. They had upgraded my position and required someone who had 5-10 years construction or industry experience. Which I most certainly didn't have. So I got laid off. They were nice enough to give me 2 weeks worth of "In lieu of notice" pay as well as vacation time that I didn't actually have. I just had a job interview today. I live in San Francisco, so the job market isn't quite like your situation. But I don't want just any job either, ya know? So I'll pray for you for sure. Pray for me too that I get this job cuz I really really want it.
-Carrie Jo

Hula Doula said...

Fingers are still crossed for the other job!!

Anonymous said...

I put out a plea for comments on my site, for validation, for a hi, for someone to say I'm at least slightly amusing. I got, ... zero, zip, nada, ect. So, since I'm not the best at commenting either, except once in a while, I'm going to do it here anyhow(I'm not good at commenting because its all about me damnit, and um, my comments are super long, except where all you can do is say sorry, and then its not about me. lol) Anyhow, here's your comment, I'm reading as we speak, yadda yadda yadda, and I blasted my comments please post out of my blog, blergh, how embarrassing asking for comments and not getting any. sigh. See, all about me, once again. bye bye for now.