News Update

Thank you all for your prayers and condolences on Auntie's passing and Bonnie's illness. They are much appreciated, more than you will ever know.

Enotionally, I'm better today. Physically? Um, maybe not so hot.

I take that back. I AM hot. As in having a fever, hot. And you know what? I would say I sound oh so sexy with my scratchy voice, excecpt that I HAVE NO DAMN VOICE FOR TWO DAYS NOW. I'm still coughing my ass off too. Heavens but I am sore. The bright side? It seems that my sinus infection has cleared up. Yaaaay! Baby steps y'all.

Speaking of babies.....

At the wake today (Day 2 of 3), I was having to field questions of "Don't you want any more children?" then I said "yes, of course I do, I just have problems, especially since my miscarriage (that they ALL know about) a few years ago. God willing I'll have another one". Unbeknownst to me, at around the same time, Arianna was sobbing about this very thing to her dad tonight at home. Shit.

So, The sister of Auntie, she has decided she loves me to pieces, and INSISTS on trying this special prayer thing and "wives tale medicine" etc... (She's really religious) where they pray certian prayers for 5 days, she's like a healer of sorts, and then do something or other... and wham! I get pregnant. I said OK, cause frankly, I'll try anything. She then went on to point around the room to different ladies that she had done this for and they ended up pregnant after years of infertility. Bring it on ladies. Another one of Aunties daughters that I really love to pieces said to the room at large (we are talking 50 people here in this section y'all) "Cyn has the biggest cleanest, kindest heart, she deserves another child and God will hear her prayers". Wowza. Why, thank you. I think I blushed about 20 shades of red. Dang. Talk about being humbled.

Like I said, I'll try just about ANYTHING. What can it hurt? They pray, rub some oils and herbs on my abdomen (Lord I hope ON it and not IN IT) and make me drink some tea made from herbs too, and give it a try. Why not? MY Infert doc in the US that treated me when I was trying to have Arianna used to tell me he prefered the KISS method. Keep It Simple STUPID. Anyway......

Shortly after, when I was saying goodbye, I hugged my FAVORITE of Auntie's girls and she smiled at me and said "My mom always loved your greetings and goodbyes. She would always say "The best hugs are from Cyn, it's a hug, massage, and lots of love all rolled into one". " Hell darlings, that got me all choked up. I didn't let myself cry, but I got really, REALLY choked up. I miss her.

Hopefully I'll be back in my playful and funny mood for a post tomorrow. Again, thanks to all of you! I love you guys!


Indigo Wolf said...

AAwww! That's enough to make even the toughest of hearts sappy. I'm glad to hear you're a bit beter. And baby steps is right. Good for you. I hope Auntie's sister's baby-mojo works for you. :o)
-Carrie Jo

Catrina said...

Wow, Cyn...I can't believe that....about Bonnie. Just yesterday she was throwing up in Z's car on the way to the Erasure concert. Do you remember that? Well, I will definately be praying for her and her family.

Anonymous said...

Can we get back to the rubbing and the oil and.....

Oh yeah, get well soon!