The Confession - Week 3

Welcome to The Confession section of my weekly post, The Inquisition, week 3. VERY interesting questions by both Cheryl b and Carrie Jo. Without further ado, here we goooooooooooooo!

Cheryl b asked me a few questions, some serious and one playful one!

1) “What will you do if you don’t get pregnant?” Go Apeshit, (capital ‘A’) probably.

2) “Would you keep trying indefinitely?” Yes, I’m such a stubborn-minded determined and tenacious wench, once I get something in my head, a goal, I don’t give up until it is impossible to achieve it. So yeah, I will keep on trying to get pregnant until either a) I get pregnant (yaaaay! Hopefully) or b) they tell me I’m all dried up and my eggs are no good i.e.: I start menopause, whenever THAT will be.

3) “Would you ever adopt?”

Perhaps later on should option b) above happen before I get another child of my own. I cannot adopt here while living here in Bahrain though. The govt makes it practically impossible to adopt. You can be a type of foster parent, but not really adopt. (since Z is from here) and they don’t have laws to recognize a child not genetically belonging to you blah blah blah (if to adopt from another country). Pain in the ass, no?? yup. Regarding your comment about wanting to adopt rather than risk another miscarriage, in a way I understand. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding your miscarriage or the details, but having had one of my own I can but imagine. Mine was drawn out over almost 2 months. The pain was (and is) unlike anything I have ever experienced and completely hellish. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (i.e.: monster- but it’s a little late even if I did want to wish it on her, you know?).

4) “Have you ever had your toes sucked on, and if so, did you like it?”

Cheryl, you crack me up, woman! Actually, no, I haven’t had them sucked on. Boy is that depressing. (I think I need to have a little talk with Z, don’t you?) I’m feeling kinda neglected here now. Hmmmm. I imagine I would probably like it, even though- a little secret, hmmm?- I’m horribly ticklish! You should see me giggle and squirm during a pedicure! I still think I’d like it though. I have pretty feet (what? I like my feet!) very dainty and feminine (for a 9 ½ -10 [41] and always keep my toes painted and pretty. You’d never believe they are as big, my feet, as they are to look at them!

Now then. Carrie Jo asked me an interesting question too! It goes a little something like this: “Have you or anyone you know experienced deja vu or anything else paranormal in your life?”

Well honey, actually, yes. As long as I can remember (and that is far back I tell you!) I have had many MANY instances of déjà vu. A lot of it comes to me in dreams, but the actual real happening could not happen for months or years. It frequently involves people, places I’ve never seen or been before. It always stops me in my tracks and never fails to freak me the hell out, even after all these years.

My intuition is extremely fine or sensitive. If you want to call it intuition or whatever. I ‘sense’ things deep in my gut, it’s hard to explain it, but there you go. I’m rarely wrong too.

I have a very deep ‘connection’ with a few people in my life that is so strong it freaks us both out. My mom is one of them, for instance. I can ‘feel’ if she is ill or upset even way the hell over here on the other side of the planet.

Paranormal? The most paranormal type thing that has happened to me would have to be last year. For a couple of nights in a row I dreamt of a little boy I knew when I was very little. From about age 3 to around age 8 or 9. He lived across the street from us and his name was Tony. I hadn’t even though of Tony in over 28 years, so why was I dreaming about him smiling at me for days in a row? Weird.

A week later my Dad and step mom called me. (They always talk on 2 phones at once to share the call, or on speaker) Naomi (Step mom) said “C, do you remember Tony from across the street?” I interrupted her and said “Funny you should mention him! Last week I dreamt of him for probably 3 days in a row! I don’t know why! I haven’t thought of him in years!” The line got real quiet. Then my dad said in a very quiet voice “Well honey, maybe he was saying goodbye to you. Tony died last week of a drug overdose. He was in a coma for a few days before he died”.

A little over 10 years ago now, the phone rang at my house in LA. Z answered it then called me to the phone. As soon as I stood up, I looked at him and said “Shelly’s dead, isn’t she?”. He said nothing, I got on the phone and my Mom told me that Shelly had indeed died. It was a sudden death and she was young, only 38. Healthy & fit, not ill at all. What in the hell made me spout that? How did I know? I don’t know. I just did is all.

There are many, many more instances I could share, but… that would take forever. Well, I think I’ve freaked you all out enough for one week, haven’t I?

Thank you all (ok, both!) for your questions.


Indigo Wolf said...

If I got freaked out by that stuff do you think I would have asked? I'm an empath, which means I can physically feel what other people are feeling. When I took my dog to the vet yesterday a man came in with his cat who was to be put down. The poor man was crying and before I even realized it I was crying too. The first time I knew it for sure was when I was 14 I was at bording school and I was sitting next to my friend. I had butterflies in my stomach like something was bothering me, but it wasn't me. Or I should say the feeling wasn't mine. I could tell is wasn't mine. I looked over at my friend and asked her if she was ok. She saidno, actually I'm really worried about__(whatever it was. There are times when I have to leave a bulding because everybody's thoughts and emotions are overwhelming me. So I do understand.

You've never had your toes sucked??!! Oh girl, you have GOT to try it. I am extremely ticklish too but if it's done right, it's heaven! Beter than receiving oral, if you ask me. ;o)
-Carrie Jo

cheryl b. said...

*warning whining ahead*
Why do you have to live so gad damned far away WHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Indigo Wolf said...

I asked her the same thing Cheryl. I think we need to make a trip over there and kidnap her for a few weeks. Or forever. Whatever works. ;o)
-Carrie Jo

cheryl b. said...

If I had the money I would leave with you in a heartbeat, I mean really, she wouldn't be able to resist the both of us.