Old Reliable

Two guesses what I was doing? (Genuine! Behave yourself! Chris, you too!) I was snooping around cnn.com as usual. Naturally I came across yet another weird ass newsworthy item.

You know that against my better judgement, and after I said " No F*cking WAY! He didn't???....." I had to click on the link to this header:

"Man says live wire in bath was to save marriage"

Who in the hell is he trying to kid and exactly how much crack had he just smoked? I mean REALLY! Check this out......
"........Dahlby's wife, Mary, testified Tuesday her husband drew her bath after they spent the day taking a walk and a long motorcycle ride.
While she took her bath, her husband came into the bathroom and dropped the cord into the bath, she said.
She jumped out of the bath, but her husband tried to push her back in the tub, Mary Dahlby said. She got free and ran out of the bathroom."

Uh-huh. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. He was trying to make the marriage work. Work? For WHO exactly? Himself? Trying to SAVE the marriage? or END IT? Damn. Can't you just imagine the conversation leading up to that? "Oh honey, you must be exhausted from our day out today! How about I draw you a nice warm bubble bath for you to soak all your pain away? It will be special so that you'll never feel pain like this again..."

He is SUCH a crack whore. Yes, HE. Whore. (It COULD HAPPEN!)

I can only say this: That poor bitch.

Good Lord, the crap I find on my nice reliable news source... Cable News Network... CNN, also known as Cyn News Network in select circles! This is my slogan: "See It. Read it. Love it."


Indigo Wolf said...

What fuckin freak! BTW, what are you doing up so late? Can't sleep? You need to keep some good red wine around the house for that.
-Carrie Jo

Kether said...

I saw that earlier today. What the hell? Yeah, its going to SAVE your marriage when your wife knows you tried to kill her. When you struggled with her to push her back in the tub. Mmmhmm. That will make her love you. That will build the trust. Stupid asshat. I can't believe his lawyer let him run with that defense.

Catrina said...

Holy sh*tballs! What an idiot for even THINKING that defence would work! SAVE the marriage by giving her a near death experience! I tell you, there are some CRAZY people around!

Ollie said...

Live wire? Feh, freaking amateur. When Brad and I start getting bored with our relationship, we shoot each other in the leg. Psh. Live wire.