Loser Blogger of the Week

Hi. That would be me. I'm bad I know.

I thought I would get my you-know-what together this week, but so far, it's a no go.

I'll try and get a proper post, ie: answers to my Inquisition questions in later tonight. I promise I'll try.

Meanwhile, a PSA: IF you have a 1 month old kitten? It's a really Good IDEA NOT to wear medium size shiny gold hoop earrings while he lays on your chest and is in a playful mood.

TRUST ME ON THIS, HMmmmmmm????

Until later my loves, Au revoir!


cheryl b. said...

Don't worry baby, you're always worth the wait. Oh how I love kittens.....bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

Ollie said...

Ummmmm. 68.75 hours of overtime. You are forgiven for slacking on the blog.

I hope things are settling down soon. Also, kitties are cute, even when they are ripping out your earlobes. heehehe

Indigo Wolf said...

I wanna see pics of the kitties! Otherwise, you are forgiven. ;oP