Why is it that after two days of physio (and endless days of painkillers- love. them.)for my left shoulder that I have somehow managed to f*ck up the tendons that attach my arm to my body, do I find that almost EVERYONE that I come into contact with today feels the need to give me a good whack on the arm? (yeah, guess which one!?)

I'm serious. At least 10 people, pretty much ALL coworkers mind you, have smacked me or poked me on my left arm today. Add to that how completely BRAINLESS I apparently am because what did I do while showing my new Assistant things at work today? I reached into my filing cabinet, high (not supposed to do) for a ring binder file that is full to exploding and lifted it down one handed (Doh. guess which one?). Of course, I instanteneously remembered not to do it the millisecond after the pain shot through me. Although in all fairness to myself, I'd already been poked and smacked so much, it was pretty much just the icing on the cake.

OW-eee. (read: much cusssing)

Any suggestions on how to explain the quick 10 leaps backward on the improvement I had made to my physiotherapy doc without sounding like a complete brainless twit?


oliviadrab said...

I hope you reached over with your other arm and punched the fire out of each one of them. Owie.

Feel better luv.

Genuine said...

what do you mean???? *Slap*