Who Else But ME?

Who else, I ask you, could attend a farewell party where there were Secret Service agents to be found (who for obvious reasons shouldn't be found)?

Yes, yours truly!

Z and I went to a farewell dinner party at this GORGEOUS restaurant/contemporary art gallery set in a huge old... traditionally styled estate property in the heart of the city with huge courtyards. It was just like something out of an old movie like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves or Aladdin or something. Absolutely gorgeous. In the middle of one of them was one of the largest single centerpiece fountains I've ever seen. I could have stayed at this place forever. I could not help but wonder where the 'harem' or ladies quarters used to be!

But, as usual, I digress.

So, Z and I walk in, greet our darling hosts, and they direct us to the bar. Yaaay. (Pay attention Wenchie!) I sashay up to the bar, I notice everyone else is having wine, but I'm just not in the mood for wine... and then I spy rum! La la... I order some grog... erm, I mean a rum drink, and then I scan around to see if there is anyone I know.

Well, there isn't anyone, but I noticed a guy off in the corner near a window overlooking the other room where the guests are.... so he smiles at me,I smile in greeting (I always get a little nervous initially when I dont know anyone at a party.. then I make the rounds) and he smiles back, then gets a "Oh shit!" look on his face and ducks his head down.....

and that's when I realize I was making nice and friendly to the Secret Service agent assigned to watch over the Admiral of the 5th Fleet who was in attendance and who probably wasn't supposed to be making friendly with the other guests, I presume. I turned back to face Z and muttered "Shit, shit, secret service, shit!" to which he replied "huh??". I whispered very quietly making motions behind me with my eyes to indicate the guy at my back.

But I couldn't help thinking to myself... I'm at a party and there's Secret Service agents! Cool!

Ok, the party was crawling with Americans and boy was I loving it! I went around introducing myself, rum in hand, and, as it was 'open seating', picked a table with Z in tow, made friendly with the other people at the table, Z realized the lovely lady from South Carolina was a former client of his, and we had a nice time.

Dinner was served, made more acquaintences in the buffet line, mostly Navy personnell, and later, after a few more rum drinks when dessert was served and I had just placed a particulary luscious sliver of dark chocolate cake on my plate was I yanked over by an acquaintance of Z's ,Cleo, a lady from the US Base, to meet the Admiral. Literally dragged by the arm (she is a lovely funny lady and the Admirals secretary) by this petite 4' 11 lady with a 6'5 personality.

And honeys? He is the youngest Admiral I've ever seen. Early 40's would be my guess and such a lovely, funny gentleman. So, somehow, cake abandoned, the Admiral of the Largest fleet in the US Navy and I had a lovely chat with Cleo about oh so many things for a good 45 minutes. And all the time, I could feel the eyes of the S. S. boring into my back. Well, with him and the head of PR for the base, who, ladies? Was freaking GORGEOUS.

I mean, that was a yummy piece of man. Did I get a good pre-Independence Day gift of what? Maybe I didn't get fireworks, but I got SAILORS and senior officers with impeccable manners! If there is one thing I really love, it's great conversation. It was a nice bit of home, and it never fails to make me homesick. I was in my element and extremely comfortable. I come from a family of military men. My father and brother were both in the Navy. As was one of my maternal uncles, who was, at the time, the youngest EVER Lt. Cmdr in the US Navy. Others in my family were in the Air Force or Army. Dad tried to get me to join the Navy in fact. (If that isn't hilarious, I don't know what is! Me? In the navy? Uh, no.)

Before I knew it, the party wound down, and people began saying their goodbyes. The Admiral was bundled out from some alternate secret exit just like in the movies by his 'keepers'.

All in all, a very lovely evening that I hated to see end.


cheryl b. said...

Mmmmmm, hot guys in uniform, lucky girl!

bre said...

a-ten HUT! woo hoo!

Shylah said...

Even if you wanted to join the Navy, they wouldn't have you. With that drop-dead gorgeous hair and those sultry eyes, the boys would never make it through boot camp. Well, that and the officers would be afraid you'd take over the joint.

Scarlett Cyn said...

Ah, Shylah, she knows me so well! I probably WOULD take over the joint, so yeah! Heeeee!

Ok, they weren't in uniform.... but you didn't need to see uniforms to recognize the Navy guys!

Actually, it's probably a good thing they WERENT in uniform.... that would have killed me. Well, that and I would have most likely been drooling excessively.

That PR guy from the Navy WAS really, really sexy. I mean Seriously SEXY. ROWRRRR. AND a good conversationalist. aaaaand.....

hey! where'd I put my rum drink, anyway?