Good Lord Above!

Michael Jackson.

Is here.

Where I live.

I dare you to find where I live on ANY map without using your internet. Go on. I dare ya!

Have you heard that he had left the country about 3 days ago for some 'rest and relaxation'? The tiny-ass little island -smaller than Washington DC -I live on is presently hosting MICHAEL JACKSON as a guest ofone of the King's adult sons! They flew him- in with them- in on the private jet.

Of course, the private jet is a 747 last I heard and cost a few hundered milion bucks after fitting it out with God knows what.

And I swear, if I hear ANY MORE MJ songs, which are not played normally all that often, on the local radio station and the Brit DJ's begging (read WHINING. Krazy Kevin in particular was overdoing it this morning) over the air for an interview, and the local DJ's not much better, I just might scream loud enough for y'all to hear me back home in the US.

In case you're wondering "WHAT THE FUCK IS MJ DOING THERE?" well...

He isn't visiting with me, that's for damn sure.

See, MJ's big brother Jermaine (remember "Do What You Do (when you did what you did)" back in the early 80's? THAT Jermaine. Well, he converted to Islam ages back and practically lives here. Apparently he loves it. Well, it is charming here where I live. Definetly. (excecpt for the god-awful heat, but otherwise, ok.) He wears the full Arab kit - out (clothes) and blends right in. Loads of people have seen him hanging out in Starbucks in the mall having a coffee with friends. No paparazzi, nothin.Once in a blue moon you see in the paper that Jermaine was here at all.

I'll bet you MJ would kill for that kind of life. Although,poor thing, you can't exactly compare the two brother's careers. It would be like comparing LaToya and Janet. Apples. Oranges. But still and all.

I seriously never, ever would have thought that of all the places in the world MJ would go to after that trial would be here. Amazing. Seems he's been friends with this ADULT son of the King for many years.

Well, that's nice. I hope MJ gets the rest and relaxation he obviously needs here. Heaven knows he'll never find anywhere as perfect as here to hide out and be on the down -lo. Who knows? Maybe he'll find some inspiration in the region and make a new album, with a whole Arabic music flavor and have a huge hit. I'd honestly like to see his kids have something in the end, not see it all squandered away.

Today? Today I feel super sorry for Michael Jackson. Because I guarantee he is EXHAUSTED and jet-lagged out of his mind. The Jet lag to get here from Los Angeles is hell on earth.

Been there, done that Michael. BBLEAAAH.

Now for a quickie Movie review.

If you go see War of the Worlds? Don't forget to breathe. There were parts that had me..... gasping for breath and jumping in my seat.

Spielberg is a freaking genius. As if THAT is a newsflash. Tom was "eh" in the film, but considering the character, he did well, I think. The story line was a bit predictable after the first 30 min, and I admittedly wanted to smack Dakota Fanning once or 10 times,perhaps even 20 times, but other than that, generally a good movie (even tho I predicted the ending, as usual)

This movie MUST be seen in a cinema. Not on DVD for the first time. Even if you have a big screen TV and surround sound. I have these and I'm telling you... go to the cinema. Buy some over priced popcorn (don't get me started. I was brushing my teeth for 30 minutes) and raisinetts (buy two and eat one for me. I love those and can't get em here!) and an even more overpriced ticket and sit back and enjoy Spielberg's genius. Because really, no one does alien life forms quite like him!

Ta ta for now. Inquisition answers coming in a bit.


Shylah said...

I don't feel sorry for MJ (heh, funny - I typed MF first) at all - he brought this shit on himself. Even if he wasn't guilty, he should have known better than to be alone with those kids, especially after the first lawsuit.

Anyhow, I have a teeny surprise for you.

VAGINA said...

MJ probably had to go to a tiny-ass island to find little boys who hadn't been warned against him.