Angels really DO exist

Ah let's see now... Last Thursday Anya decided to look me right in the face and say very clearly in a loud voice "MAMA!" I got so very happy, so she smiled at me with that ear-to-ear grin of hers and did it again.

As if that wasn't enough of a slice of Heaven, then yesterday when I came home from work I was standing just inside the front door and saw Anya in the living room investigating things in the walker. I watched her for a minute and then softly called her name- she startles easily at times- and her head whipped around. She stared at me with what seemed like disbelief and then a huge smile plastered her beautiful face and she turned the walker around in a heartbeat and RAN as fast as her little legs could push her in that contraption to me. When she skidded to a halt by slamming into my shins, she looked up at me with an expression of triumph and held her arms up an open to me.

I melted.

Then leaned over and snatched her up into my arms and held her so very tight while I kissed her to bits.

She did the same again this morning when I was coming down the stairs to leave for work.

She is my angel... And the best surprise I have ever had in my entire life. I am blessed and beyond grateful for all of my children.

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