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Funny thing. After we had the quads, we were on the cover of the Gulf Weekly- all of us in bright color- yes, photo and interview. Now this week, my boss, the CEO of the company where I work is on the cover of the same paper!

We were on the cover, naturally, about having had the Fantastic Four. They were on the cover supporting freezing the stem cells from a newborn umbilicus. Which I totally agree with but unfortunately could not afford to do for my babies. I wish I could have, but it would have cost us roughly $16,000 to do for the babies. Out of the question financially for us.

But I digress.

I thought it was cool and very brave of he and his wife to come out and mention the loss of two previous children. He had personally mentioned this to me in complete confidence almost two years ago when I was having one of my miscarriages and was so supportive, understanding and positive even though his wife was pregnant again at the time. He told me not to stop trying - never to give up. My response? "You don't know me- I don't give up and believe me, I won't!" He smiled at me and said good!

It is nice to see him on the cover with his wife and two children- one of which was the baby that was on the way all those months ago.

Good on you man. You're one of the best and most honest men I've had the pleasure to work for.

But Andy? I was on the cover first! :)

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