mama wants sleep

Its midnight and the room is in shadows. Anya has woken Connor. AND Rory up with her loud "talking and growling". Aidan is a little restless laying like a prince in our huge curtained four poster bed.

Rory is on my shoulder tossing and turning and Connor is in Nanny Siony's arms now WIDE awake looking at Anya through the shadows like "shut the heck up! And like he would dearly love to smack her one.

Connor loves his sleep. A LOT.

Aidan was cranky because MIL went on a trip for a month today. Wouldn't sleep nap, whatever and was generally grumpy until his big sister Arianna started making fart noises and asking him if he wanted to make pooopy, which he seemed to find utterly hilarious. Even with his beloved aunties doing their combined best to get him down to sleep it took a good long while.

Ah, all are settled now. Rory at my breast in bed, Aidan cuddled in daddys arms. Connor is with Siony having his midnight snack as usual and Anya is hogging up the crib at the foot of our bed, stretche out and deep asleep, just as she likes it. My little bed hog; I love them all so.

Now I will try and catch more than a catnap for a change.

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