The Graduate

Well Miss A is graduating on Monday and as such, we have spent the past few days trawling the malls looking for a dress for the occasion. So far the only thing we've found is a fabulous pair of lack patent leather, peeptoe slingback stilettos. SCORE! The only thing we've lost during this excercise?

My sanity.

Completely, utterly. This girl walks into a store saying "I'm not going to find anything here!" Gee, great. Positive attitude. GAH. She typically is a nightmare to shop with on a normal outing. For an occasion this important = HELL.  Even the quads are pointing at dresses - some of them pretty nice actually!- and saying "Heeeey Sissy!! Lookit this one!"  Followed by a horrified look from her. Daddy and Mommy's suggestions get a similar reaction. I wish I could go through this at least marginally drunk.

Heeeeeyyyy, now there is an idea!

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Cheryl Sheppard said...

Found your page again! Very late congrats to her.