I’ve had better weeks, that’s for sure.

I still feel like crap. Really horrid and yes, I’m worse now. Despite all my best efforts, the infection is deep in my lungs. I have a lovely hacking cough. To the point that now, my voice is super scratchy. Yes darlings, I sound like Demi Moore on helium. Hahaha.

I feel so rotten in fact, that I don’t even have the energy to take care of myself. As in, I FORCE myself to go make some hot tea to try and scald/numb temporarily my( what feels like) a shredded throat. (Descriptive sucker, aren’t I?)

In case you don’t realize how rotten? Last night we rented Van Helsing, and I hacking coughed off and on throughout the 2hr movie. I really wanted some orange juice that I knew was in the fridge. My husband, Mr. Considerate, got thirsty about a third of the way thru the movie, went to the kitchen, got himself something to drink, brought the glass (ONE glass) AND the Lemonade jug with him, and proceeded to down it. Yes, ALL OF IT. I didn’t even have the energy to make a smart ass comment or give a dirty look. No, I wasn’t being lazy, I’m just very weak and sore from the incessant coughing.

Somebody make me a cup of tea? Chicken soup? Glass of water? Anyone???????

I am also pissed. Blogger is totally blowing lately. Don’t go thinking that I forgot you dear readers! NO! The Blogger bastards ate TWO of my posts. Yes Two. Capital “T”. Uh huh. Blogger is now on My List. Trust me, on My LIST is not somewhere you want to be for any amount of time.

See, I love y’all and was trying to post some really charming and (naturally) funny posts for you even though I am pretty sick and feeling nasty rotten and, well, SORE everywhere from the ribs on up, but BLOGGER.COM screwed up.

Are you feeling the love yet? Good.

Now, we subscribe to Showtime and today, just now in fact, they got in my GOOD GRACES and pole-vaulted themselves off MY LIST. What did they do?

They sent a SMS message to Mr. Considerate’s cell-phone reminding us that Survivor’s new series starts showing tomorrow, and they gave us the channel AND timing.

I HEART Showtime!

I can’t wait! I will miss Rupert the Pirate/Hippie’s big ole teddybear self on the show though. How can I not? He was on for two seasons straight! I love me some Rupert. I have a question. Did anyone else besides me want to jump into the TV and bitch slap “Johhny Fairplay” into next YEAR? Grrrrrr.

Heaven help me, I cant’ get our whole “That time of the month on Survivor” discussion out of my head still. I feel damn sorry for whichever of the crew has to dispose of their used tampons. That is some harsh shit right there. Dayum.

Is everyone else ready for the new season?


cheryl b. said...

I wish I could run you a nice hot bubble bath with some of my mint bath stuff, it works wonders when you're sick. I'm also a damn good cook and would so bring you homemade chicken noodle soup if you wern't so far away. I hope you feel better by the 19th, it would be damn hard to talk like a pirate with pneumonia.

Scarlett Cyn said...

Ok, I love you even more than I did yesterday Cheryl b. The bath AND the soup sound WONDERFUL. Awwwww, you are a sweetie. MWAH.

I could really use the soup. I feel even crappier. woo.Fever today. Aren't I a lucky thing?

Y'all? Did you SEE that hottie on Survivor? huh? DIDJA? See? Him?? The FBI Agent? *wipes drool* The whole pig thing kinda depressed me tho. Poor widdle piggy. oink oink.

Catrina said...

I haven't seen Survivor.Has it even started here in the States? I can't wait to see the hottie. He'll probably get voted off with my luck!
You better make sure you are taking deep breathes and expanding your lungs because you don't want all that junk accumulating at the base of your lungs. It will be even more difficult to breathe. I know....Take a HUGE ass breath and cough on Monster. Yes, it might hurt you, but think of the damage it can do her if she catches pneumonia!!!! Doesn't she smoke too! Trust me. Old folks who smoke and catch a respiratory illness like that....It's a death sentence! (Is this too morbid? Sorry...Just thinking of you sweetie!)Take Kir!