Not Again!

Hello my lovlies. It would seem that every year I get the same gift in September for my birthday.

A damn lung infection. Just freaking greaaaaat.

It starts out innocently enough as my sinuses and allergies bothering me. The odd sneeze and sinus headaches. Tenderness on the face where the sinuses rest in the head. But add to this high temperatures and most importantly DAMN HIGH HUMIDITY and VOILA! You have the beginnings of what will end up as a throat and chest infection.

Yesterday, I heard the telltale crackling noise in my face and head that tells me I'm fucked. That is the sound, fyi, of infected sinuses. so, the infection typically spreads from my sinuses and back of my nose into my throat. from there, it spreads down my esophagus, taking a Great White bite out of my larynx on the way by to my lungs. If it stays in my throat and larynx, I'm not too bad off. But this morning when I woke up, I could feel the beginnings of a wheese in my chest. That is NOT GOOD. If it gets in my chest, I have to be monitored closely to make sure it doesn't become pnuemonia, which it has done in the past. Man, this usually entails hospitalization, IV lines and IV antibiotics and , like last year, nebulizers every hour on the hour. I actually LIKE the nebulizer's though. It opens up the airways, works as an expectorant, and I can BREATHE with little pain. Never mind that I get the shakes from it like a junkie in bad need of a fix. Plus, it crams oxygen into my lungs. Last year, I went through 2 1/2 oxygen tanks as tall as I am almost. (They were about 5'5)

I'm doing all the things that from experience, I know to do when I feel this coming on... but it all seems to be in vain. Taking my allergy pills. Using my extra inhalers and broncho-dialators (for my asthma), cough suppresants...etc..etc...etc... losenges, hot drinks (shudder. Do you know how I LOATHE drinking hot drinks in 108 degree heat? Ugh.)

I have a weak immune system. I've had contagious Mono TWICE in my life. It kicked my ass and my immune system permanently. I'm always careful to stay away from sick people and I'm so anti germ it's hilarious. Anti-bac everything and Lysol is my best friend. No, I haven't reached Wacko Jacko's extreme yet.. I doubt I will.

Who takes care of Mommy when she is sick? Mommy. Mommy takes care of everyone when they don't feel well., including herself, sorta.

Sigh. I feel rotten. I want my Mama!


Catrina said...

Poor baby! Stay hydrated and take your meds around the clock. No interviews for a while and stay in bed with the door locked and TV turned up reeeeeeeeeeeeeal loud so you don't hear the cacklings of the monster. Feel better sugar. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Scarlett Cyn said...

Aw, that was sweet Cat. Purrrrrr.

No TV in my room unfortunately. (Heh, you still remember me doing that waaaaay back then?)

As an update: I think my larynx is getting all into the mix here. I'm starting to sound like Demi Moore on Helium.

I've decided I'm totally bonkers cause after said interview, I stopped by the store, bought supplies, came home and cooked a big ass dinner for almost 2 hours. Nobody seemed particulary excited that I cooked, either. Sigh.

Now where the hell did I put that Vicks?

I. R. Stupid

Ollie said...

I hope for your birthday, you also get a swift recovery. Take it easy.. Feel better, hon.

...and Happy Birthday.