The Debate

I was reading Mindy’s blog a bit ago and her comments about trying to watch the debates in her home. Or perhaps I should say the impossibility of watching the debates? Either way, it really struck a chord with me. (I hear ya sister, I hear ya!)Now let me tell you why!

Tonight, while sitting at my SIL’s house (the lotto winner) while she wasn’t there with her 17 year-old-daughter, my very favorite NIECE OF ALL, Mimi, we were watching Debate No 3. Or, well, at least, I was trying to. Mimi and I were the only ones really interested in it.

I’ve known Mimi (Yasmeen) since she was about 2 ½. She was (and is) my girl. We were closer than close. She and I have the best memories together. When she would come to visit after they moved back here, she would stay with us and daily, INSIST that I lay on the bed on my back so she could brush my hair. Minimum 3x a day. She would brush my hair and stroke my head till I was almost comatose everyday for a month or so of the visit. Then the day of departure, be sobbing non stop until I finally asked her “honey, why are you crying? You’ll come back!” She said “Because, whooooos going to take care of you while I’m goneeeeeeeeeeee??????”. Well, this made me start slobbering too while hugging her. Mimi was the flower girl in my wedding.

As I mentioned, she is 17 now and still thinks nothing of hopping on my lap, giving me a great big SQUISHING hug and kiss on the cheek and staying there hugging me, just like she has always done. She has turned into a beautiful young lady. And a smart one too, in my opinion.

Mimi was born in the United States and is an American citizen accordingly. So she and I were side by side watching the debates avidly tonight (yes, it was a replay). Both of us making snickering, rather snide comments about W and nodding approvingly at the things Senator. Kerry said with the occasional “yeah! That’s right!” in between trying to shush Monster from her incessant rattling about nothing in particular, which gets louder and louder. I don’t remember exactly what W said due to the shock of what I’m going to say next, but first, remember that my SIL, Mimi’s mom wasn’t home. It was Mimi, me, Z, Monster (don’t EVEN ask) and Mimi’s younger cousin. (Ari was passed out on a sofa in the living room) W said some typically ridiculous (BS) stuff and next thing I knew Mimi grabbed the tissue box and made a throwing motion with her hand while growling “Bullshit!”. I thought she was just making the motions at the 53”digital Phillips flat screen TV, I really did. Guess what she did?

She threw the damn box right at the screen and got W smack on the nose. I think I jumped a foot off the sofa while shouting, “oh SHIT!” in complete shock while my mouth hung open, eyes darting to the other shocked people sitting with us. Thankfully, nothing happened to the TV, cause once we all started laughing in total shock, 2 seconds later her Mom walked in. Talk about timing!

Of course, we all tried to cover up and not say anything to my SIL with the trigger temper, even though we were laughing harder and harder, cause, really; thankfully, no damage was done to the TV or surrounding furniture (and I’ve been tempted too!).

You all forgot who was sitting there with us, now didn’t you? You know you did.

Monster. Who proceeded to jump up from the sofa and re-enact the whole thing for her daughter’s benefit. The rest of us were trying to shush her and talk ourselves to drown out her yakking. By this time, my other SIL wandered in, and it got so noisy that I couldn’t watch the rest of the debates.

Now I’m irritated. I don’t like not finishing something I start. Grrrrrr.

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