The Upswing........ Sort of

Well, I suppose anything is an improvement over yesterday, right? Right. Of course, the sudden pounding headache I acquired unwillingly this afternoon kind of blotted out any rational (or wack-a-doo) type of thought. Pain kind of does that to you.

Yes, when you are quite sure that your head will explode into a bazillion itsy bits any second now, you can't help but painfully think "Ah, don't need to worry about problems or being depressed, cause my head will go KAPLOOOOEY any time now!". Of course, then you continue on with that whimpering you were doing. So, I popped some pain pills that usually help when I have one of my famous migranes, shut the curtains in my room so it was awfully dark, (Arianna was at her cousin's playing for the next 2 hours or so) and figured perhaps, just perhaps I can SLEEP through the pain. At any rate, the pitch dark room appealed immensly.

So I ended up dozing off for about an hour. Goodie, by the time Monster tried to come into my room, not realizing that I was in there the pain was almost gone or numbed or whatever...............

Yes, you read right. What woke me up was her barging in the room! She thought I was out, apparently since I was silent as a stone and I guess she thought she would come snooping. I heard a gasp, then the door banged shut (like I needed ANY banging noise at present? Um, no.) For example, the other day, she had me go in her room to look for Max, who went AWOL and lo and behold, I found about 4 things of mine in the process of my Max Search, including my umbrella that I'd been missing. Sweet Jesus, I live with a psychotic kleptomaniac. Freaking rediculous. I mean, I KNOW she is a damn thief, but still, each time to have it reinforced? And no, I can't say give it back, cause even if I have PICTURES of me wearing the thing, or using it, she will say "I bought this such and such a place" or "So and so gave me this AGES ago". Yes, she is very creative in her cover-up lies, no?

Now for some really freaky, yet totally typical stuff.

Still feeling slightly rotten emotionally, yet pain numbed (and no, I did NOT take VIOXX, but something much better and that won't give me a freaking heart attack. Freaks that make VIOXX. BAD PHARMACEUTICAL CO!) My mobile phone rang, and the person on the line was just what the doctor ordered.

Mama. My Mama called me. It was like a balm to my soul. Just what I needed, WHEN I needed it. It doesn't matter that she was talking about 10 times her normal speech pattern, and that the call was only for 5 minutes, cause, she couldn't talk long, just wanted to check on me. Of course, now for the freaky as usual stuff. First thing was her saying all frantic like "ARE YOU OK?" like 15 times. I answered her each time, but she kept on asking, cause she probably knew I was totally full of shit, cause, well, that's my Mama! I just told her I'd been sick, etc..... and all. (well, jeez, it's only about 5 days now that I have my voice back at 100%!)

I still can't belive that she got all the things she said in such a short amount of time. And nevermind that I was balling like a baby by the time we hung up and a bit after. The phone call was just wonderful (and proves that the damn phone does IN FACT, work! woohoo!!) and her voice was just what I needed. (Is that excessivly repetitive? Oh well, deal.)

I even got the down low on Bonnie, poor thing. This also is part of what had me sobbing after I hung up. The cancer is apparently pretty advanced. The doctor refused to even show her her chest x-rays. (So it's in her chest too.) They only showed her parents. American doctors? They usually say EVERYTHING straight to your face. Shit, it must be bad. They are using the strongest chemo meds on her, and in fact, after her second session, she came home later and took a shower, and.... all of her hair fell out. Every single strand. She is a fighter and stubborn as hell, so she is fighting it. Apparently Bonnie was sick for a while, but thought it was just the flu or something. It wasn't just the flu. (Ok, hearing THAT scares the bejeebus out of me, quite frankly.) I am terrified for my friend. All I can do from here is pray for her. I hope that all of you will say a prayer, whatever your religion. She is such a good person, dammit. *Sigh*

So overall, a slight upswing for me today. May it please continue.

And for y'all that missed it yesterday about my "post" that I can't exactly post? The offer is still good. Trust me, it's worth it. Read Cheryl b.'s remark in comments after she read it yesterday! I will be happy to send it to you, just make sure I have your email address. (Carrie Jo, this includes you babe!)

I'm waiting.

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Indigo Wolf said...

I was in San Diego for my dad's wedding so I missed the post, but I totally want to read the story! indigowolf@gmail.com
-Carrie Jo