I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaaad girl!

I will freely admit I've got quite the naughty mind. Yes I sure do! So, would any of you care to come do laps with me in the gutter other than my usual swimming companion? Oopsy, I forgot the girls from my synchronized swimming team, namely Cheryl b., Mindy, Carrie Jo, Amy, and Cat. Hee hee, shame on me!

It would seem that even CNN.com is not safe for me to read any more. Lord, but I'm bad. Perhaps I'm just more sensitive to these things after laughing my ASS off watching "Soul Plane" last night. I have not laughed that hard in AGES, y'all. Lookie here, I loave me some black comedy. Hell, I loave comedy, period but this movie? Kicks ass y'all. If you liked Airplane, then you will like this. Every freaking stereotype you could imagine. And some of the scenes had me laughing so hard, I literally was doing the Cyn's Foot Stomp/Knee slap comboTM and wheezing with laughter. I hit rewind so many times, I lost count. The people I watched it with last night asked me to bring it back again tonight to watch it again. Yeah baby!

But I digress.....

Cnn.com is SO not safe. I am interested in scientific things people, because it gives me answers to "WHY?". So, when I read on the homepage about more activity at Mt. St. Helens, I thougth I would see what was up. Heh. what was UP. *snicker, snort, giggle* What's up is right! Mt. St Helen's has a new erection, darlings!

It would seem that the volcano has a bulge growing... a NEW bulge, bless it. Now what impressed me mightily, was that "The bulge had risen at least 330 feet since scientists noticed it September 30". Who the hell couldn't help but be impressed with a 330ft high bulge? There is apparently a chance of explosive eruptions and that if and when the new bulge erupts (although there is molten lava close to the surface ready to spew, it would seem) the geoligist are quick to reassure people that it will shoot vertically this time rather than horizontally like the last explosion a few years ago.

WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!????????? Lava people, LAVA. Heh. I'm sorry, but with words in it like bulge, eruptions, spew, explosive, and that whole shooting vertically vs. horizontally thing cracked me up. I know, I know, I'm bad, in a good way! *wink* There was NO way in the molten firey depths of HELL that I was not gonna blog about it. Nuh-uh.

Can you blame me? I think not!

PS: Inquisition answers are below my dears. Keep on reading my pretties...... scroll down now like good little readers..............


cheryl b. said...

We're actually planning on driving over to see it (about 325 miles away) when we go to Ritzville (60 miles away) to fight the bullshit speeding ticket Mark got on the way home from our last trip to the coast. I will let you know what I think if we end up going. And yes, I had the same thoughts you did.

Scarlett Cyn said...

Of course you did darling.

Do let me know how that nice big BULGE is doing, willya? (Not MARK! The volcano, silly!I know Mark has a huge bulge already! heh. *waves* hiya Mark! Drive safe. Lemmie put a little Sammy Hagar road trip muzak on for ya, shall I? "I can't drive 55!" Heh.)

You all realize the freak over at cnn did it on purpose, right?

It's because of all those snide emails I've sent them reprimanding them for the absolute bullshit I've seen from time to time on broadcasts. Yes, I've done that. Several times.(Like showing a GCC meeting held in Kuwait a few months ago and showing a picture of the former Emir of Bahrain, the one that has been dead for 6 years now as an attendee!Schmucks. Oh, and MISSPELLING and bad grammar not to mention repetitive word use on the tickertape thingie at the bottom of the screen. Yeah, I bitched about that too.)

Indigo Wolf said...

How could you NOT have dirty thoughts after reading that? Welcome to the Bad Girl Club.

Regarding The Inquisition: I lost mine at 14. But I didn't have to fear my parents' wrath that year because I was away at a fairly liberal boarding school.

I love tatoos and I have one. Mine is a crescent moon with a star at its tips and a vine of flowers wrapped around it. I got it on my 19th birthday to symbolize my last year of being a teenager. I'd like to get another one. I was thinking of a sun on my shoulder blade with a yin yang in the middle. I have to needle phobia though. I never had problems with shots. I'm also a bit of a masochist too though. I pierced my own ears and carved a boyfriend's intitials into my ankle once, then later carved my Bad Girl nickname (Cody) on my ankle.

My firned Katie has big boobs too (though not quite as big as yours from what I've read) and one time about 6 years ago we were doing extasy and everything just felt soooo good to the touch. I asked her if I could feel her boobs just to see how they feel (hey! at least I asked!) since I have little to speak of in that department (read 33 A) I assured her there was nothing sexual about it. I was just insanely curious. And it was totally worth it. Big boobs are so much softer and snugglier. But truthfully I would much rather have small but still soft boobs over big hard fake ones.

You saw Soul Plane?! I sooo want to see that! And I loved Airplane. I knew I would love Soul Plane. I'm totally going to rent it this weekend. My dear friend Daniel turned 38 last week and was feeling a bit down. We're supposed to get together this weekend for a belated celebration. If he hasn't seen it, we'll watch that.
-Carrie Jo

cheryl b. said...

I have tattoos! I have a butterfly on my hand that I did myself (age 13) and 8 butterflies in a band around my right upper arm (I love butterflies). I also have the three characters for Kabuki (song, dance and action) across my back. Kabuki is my favorite comic book!

Scarlett Cyn said...

Carrie Jo, Soul Plane, yes RENT IT NOW!Run to Blockbuster.RIGHT NOW.Oh, and put the english subtitles on, cause sometimes they talk so fast you might get lost. I was so damn down and depressed, saw it and was uncontrollably hysterical for 2 hrs straight. In fact, I was still snickering thinking about it last night. Oh,and one of my favorite parts is during the in-meal dinner.... baked potato anyone? Think of me. Because I care, may I suggest that this is NOT a film to eat or drink during? OH, and I love the whole Male Model front cover thing too. And the landing gear. and.... and..... (get my point here?)Heh.Would you belive I like Soul Plane BETTER than Airplane? I'm also harassing my DVD shop about White Chicks. They haven't got it in yet.....dorks.

Now you two, I would LOVE to see your tats, cause I reallly like to see tats I just won't get one myself. I really think they are cool! The moon sounds so pretty (where is it, if I may ask?) And, for the record, I've heard that the shoulder blade and such "bony thinly fleshed areas" are the best places to get them (ie: ankle, etc cause they age better.)I love me some butterflies too Cheryl! Are they multicolored? Pretty!

WHEEEEEEEE! I'm an offical member of the bad girl club. Hot damn.

cheryl b. said...

Yes, they are very colorful! I want more so bad but they are so expensive.