Don’t I Wish?

The other day I had an interesting experience at the airport while waiting for my friend & houseguest from Iran to arrive.

Z and I were standing around waiting for the flight to arrive near the help desk (We had to give her entry visa to the counter guys to take up to Immigration to allow her to come through.)

Anyhoo, while I was looking at the arrivals board and noticing that her plane landed I suddenly felt a touch on my leg. At first I thought I was imagining, but no, there! I felt that touch on my thigh again I turned around to give whoever it was a piece of my mind, and then I realized I had to look down as I felt the tapping on my leg again. The sweetest voice was saying “Mama! Mama!” to me now.

I looked down and my eyes fell on a gorgeous 1 ½ year old little girl smiling up at me and calling me MAMA. I looked at her beautiful huge sky blue eyes and dark burnished gold fat curls on her head with the little ponytail spout of hair on the top of her head just how I used to fix Arianna’s hair. She started grinning at me with the few teeth she had all shiny and white like little pearls.

Immediately I was enchanted with her and stooped down to her level and started talking to her. I looked up and noticed her Sri Lankan nanny standing nearby staring at her with adoration and smiling at me in kind. I just had to touch this little angel when what I really wanted was to grab her and give her a big cuddly hug. I held out my hand and she trustingly put hers in mine, patting me while staring deep into my eyes and continuing to call me mama. I looked around and told Z “Look at this angel who keeps calling me Mama. Don’t I wish???” He was smiling at her also. She was such a beautiful child, I don’t know who couldn’t look at her with that dopey besotted look on their face, I really don’t.

Finally Z told me “We have to go, the plane is here and she should be out any minute now!” and he pulled a reluctant me away from my angel. I dragged my feet as I left her, even though I was excited to see my friend after two years. I turned around and found that my new little friend was staring at me across the airport… still. Twice more I turned around and found her watching me. Then finally her nanny picked her up and walked away with her to take her back to her parents and my friend exited customs.

I still can’t get that little face out of my mind.

Who’s with me to hunt Wand Monkey down like the rabid bastard he is and break his useless hands? I should totally have a baby of my own by now, dammit!

Sigh. On with the hunt!

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