Inquisition Answers - Week 5

Well, here we are again on Tuesday. I got some interesting questions this week. I'll jump rihgt in, I think.

I got a doozy from Cheryl b, NATURALLY! (I love ya woman!) – have you ever been whipped or spanked? (I think that is what she is getting at in a roundabout way. (I did say butt and whipped in the same sentence, didn’t I?) Gawd, was I asking for it!)

No, unless you count the multitude of ass-whippin’s I received from my Daddy growing up for being, occasionally, disobedient. Good old-fashioned turn over the knee and not a peep or you get even more spanks kinda spankings. My dad’s hands are huge, and just the thought of a spanking still at my age, makes me cringe and my ass sting. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been even remotely interested in that. (or even curious)

Carrie Jo asked me - Have you ever fantasized about running away from it all? If so, how would you accomplish it?

Well, this question caught me by surprise since I figured I could toss out all my escape plans and whatnot because last I heard (??) Carrie and Cheryl were going to come here and kidnap me indefinetly? I have had my bags packed ever since they first started conniving together. Well hell, if they aren’t gonna do that *pout*, then I have to figure it all out again. So much for being rescued!

If I had unlimited funds, I’d just book a ticket and passport in hand, hop a plane.

But I guess yeah, of course I’ve fantasized about ‘Calgon Moments’. Hasn’t everyone? Wait a tic Carrie, are you asking for hints to help y’all in your plan? I told you I’d give you my physical address and contact nos!

Anon asked me: ” Butter or Margerine? Nothin but fresh creamy……… Butter. I’m bad I know, but I prefer that, made from milk as opposed to something that tastes kinda like butter made from mostly… um, oil. Uh, no thank you. “Please pass the butter.”.

I had a personal request from Arianna, cause she thinks this is cool, and she heard me singing while typing this so..

My baby Arianna asked me: "Mom, why didn't you become a professional singer?".

My inital response was a very long pause, followed by the thought "because I'm stupid". But honestly? Her Dad happened to me and so I told her. What I didn't tell her was that he came into my life and one by one told me to be realistic (ok, and poked everlovin fun at my singing voice) and I thought I was just being stupid and naive.

Once upon a time I had contacts to sing professionally. I even sang in radio commercials and did some background vocals also.

Ok, now I'm depressed.

Well, that's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed my answers. Maybe one day I'll sing for you.


Indigo Wolf said...

Damn it woman! Don't stop singing just because your man is making fun of you! They ALL do that regardless. It's their wierd way of showing affection. Now you HAVE to come and visit so we can go to a karaoke bar.
-Carrie Jo

cheryl b. said...

I would love to go bar hopping (which I've never done) with the 2 of you more than almost anything. Oh how I wish I was rich.....

Catrina said...

Hey Cyn! I'm back from New York! When you come back for a visit, we'll do karoke either at Dimples here in Burbank, or at my house. I missed your Blog for the week I was gone!

Mare_Imbrium said...

ack. I missed it again. Okay, well, I'm putting it here so I don't forget next time!
What is the most recent nice thing your husband has said/done for/to you?

Oh, and I'm the lurker who posted a question a few weeks back, not the one with the butter/margerine question.