A Good Hair Day…. (and a reminder!)

Hello darlings! I’m recently back from getting my hair done, so yes! A good hair day for me! Scarlett Sings: ‘I feel pretty, oh so pretty! Oh so pretty and happy and ………’

I've gotten a lovely haircut and my hair’s all bouncy and fluffy, so, um, I’m tossing my head about and generally enjoying it. (You men relax!! I didn’t take hardly any length off, it was a trim-mostly!)

I’ve been busy with my houseguest and BUDDY Nooshi from Iran. She is so funny! We’ve been busy (read: shopping and other girly things like getting pedicures and our hair done, and shopping… and … shopping.. ) Ok, well, she’s shopping, I’m just her accomplice, but its ALL GOOD y’all! I’m SO the best person to have with you when shopping. Believe it. I will justify just about any purchase you might care to make. (Although, if it's all wrong, I won't lie to you, I'll talk you right out of it. Just so you know!)

We sit up till 3 am chatting once everyone is asleep. Well, everyone except monster, who eavesdrops from around the corner in the dark. We do the truly evil thing and speak in Persian and English all mixed up so that she can’t keep track of our conversation. Haaaaaaaa. Parts of the sentence in English and the rest in Persian.

Yeah, I know I'm usually up that late anyway,(posting on my blog) but it's nice to chat and talk girl talk with someone. To not be alone. Insomnia is a b*tch and a half. It's nice to have someone to share it with.

Anyway, I wanted to remind all of you that it is Inquisition time again. That’s right. I’m waiting with baited breath to see what y’all will come up with this week. So. You know the rules: All questions in by 12:01am Tuesday, Pacific Time and I will have your answers later on Tuesday for your reading pleasure. Got it? Good!

Now get yer buts in gear and whip out some questions, y’all! I’m waaaaaaaaaaiting!


Indigo Wolf said...

Here's my question:

Have you ever fantasized about running away from it all? If so, how would you accomplish it?

-Carrie Jo

cheryl b. said...

I wasn't going to go there, but since you're the one who mentioned butts and whipping in the same sentence, have you?
I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago. 12 inches. I had been growing it out for Locks of Love. My head feels so much lighter. It was making me crazy to have my hair that long (what with all the washing involved), but I'm glad I did it because it was for such a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Butter or Margerine?