There is a special blush in my cheeks today. It’s called D*ep Throat, by NARS.

Yes, I’m serious. Actually, while standing at the new NARS Cosmetics counter last night drooling over the blusher, (and, to be completely frank, the rest of the line. Heaven, absolute Heaven.), I couldn’t make up my mind between De*p Throat, Orgasm, or Fire Down Below, among others.

At first, I originally wanted to get an Orgasm, but in the end decided on D*ep Throat. *Guffaw, snort, snicker*. It really IS lovely and looks great with my coloring. Also? I made friends with the truly adorable Regional Manager for NARS! She is GORGEOUS I TELL YOU and, well, so much fun. She and I ended up laughing like anything and lots of double innuendos as well for some of the names! Heh. I’m playful like that.

Some of you might not understand my love of makeup. I have loved it – all right, been obsessed with it- since I was a very little girl. I’m sure it all started thanks to the wonderful people at Crayola and my Mama. Little Cyn was ALL ABOUT the Crayola 64 Colors box with the built in sharpener. Oh yes I was! (And I will admit, I STILL love to color. I am happy to plunk down with a little kid and color for an hour. Yes, Arianna has a massive color book collection, you can be sure!)

Anyway, my love of makeup in early childhood drove my mom and stepmom to buy me cheap makeup to play in and a big ass VAT of cold cream to wash it off to keep me out of their respective stashes. Wise women both of them. You know what rocked my boat? The mini AVON lipstick testers they used to give out (maybe still do).

As a matter of fact, when Mom moved us back to L.A. from Oklahoma (gag, shudder. Sorry Okies!) while I was with Dad for Summer visitation, imagine my JOY to discover that mom had gone and gotten herself hired at the AVON Cosmetics plant in Pasadena? (Well, that and the array of pre- teenage appropriate Avon doo dads on my new dresser!) Heh. AVON for dirt-cheap. God how I love Employee Discounts. (By the way, AVON is some good stuff, y’all! Don’t knock it cause it’s AVON. Lord, they have some creams I absolutely adore that make my skin soft as a baby’s butt, glow and all around lovely. ANEW skincare from AVON, the whole damn line is freaking fantastic. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about and I am so NOT getting paid for this PSA.) Some truly fab lip glosses too.

So, my makeup addiction turned into a hobby and also a side job for me later on in my life. I will explain that in a later post, I think. Suffice to say, it is something I really love to do as those that really know me outside of the blogsphere (and some of you in it as well!) can verify. I do it well but unfortunately, not as often for others I would like. I am actually happiest doing makeup. I suppose it satisfies my creative and artistic side.

I have been bemoaning the fact that there is no Sephora in the whole region, which is really a sin and STUPID of the Sephora owners; cause easier money I don’t think could be made. I mean, HELLO? Middle Eastern Women + Makeup = LOVE & High, Easy sales. Middle Eastern Women + Jewellery = LOVE & High, EASY Sales. (Notice a pattern?? I thought you might!)

Well, it doesn’t look like a Sephora will open any time soon-BASTARDS-. (But I will keep on hoping, ya know?) so people like Mindy and Amy can continue to taunt me with their purchases and visits to their friendly neighborhood Sephora. *makes face*. I still love those two though.

I’m sure they will be glad to know that a bit of civilization has come to Bahrain, at least by our standards. Yes, the following cosmetics lines are now available here in Bahrain in addition to the MAC and usual Dept store brands like Estee, Clinique, YSL, Dior, Chanel, etc… etc… etc…: available are: the aforementioned NARS, Giorgio Armani, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown.

There is really only one thing I can say to that:


(Can I get an AMEN?)


Catrina said...

I cannot believe there isn't a Sephora there! We went to New York and the first thing I asked was, "Where's Sephora?" It was nice to get assistance from a gay New Yorker instead of a gay LA-er. He wanted a different 'look' for my lips.....A little more plump, a little less color. Oh and plus, no one knew not to give me free samples of face-firming cream! I think I've been through all the employees at my local Sephora!

Ollie said...

Oh Sister in Crayola! I love coloring too. I have a healthy supply of coloring books and multiple boxes of crayons--hey, do you have the BIG box with the bonus colors? Or the jeweltone set? They are my prized possessions.

Scarlett Cyn said...

*Sobbing* Ollie, in addition to them NOT having a Sephora here, they also do NOT sell the big ass boxes of Crayola, which has left me completely devastated now that you mentioned the fancy schmancy box with bonus colors AND the jewel toned ones. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Why am I surprised that no one blinked at me mentioning makeup names like Deep Throat, Orgasm, Fire Down Below on my blog? I think they are just missing one called Blowjob and Cunnilingus. Jesh.

I love y'all.

Anonymous said...

GGRRR Blogger isn't letting me comment. So I'm going to be anonymous today!
It's Hula!
I LLLLOOOOVEEE makeup! We are true sisters I swear!
Now ya want to go shopping?