Hi there darlings! Did you miss me? I certainly hope so! If not, I just might cry.

Alternatively, I might also just make you wait even longer while I work on my next post that's all about a really fast boat, me, a fabulous day, and shrimp decapitation.

Well, at any rate, I missed y'all terribly. In fact, I was making a concerted effort to commit to memory every little thing that happened today so that I could share it with you. See how I love you?

Good! So. Hold on to your panties (unless you're going commando,in which case, um, I don't REALLY have to know that,ok?), it'll be worth it, I promise.

PS: On second thought, it's entirely up to you if you want to share if you're going commando or not. I aim to please!

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cheryl b. said...

O.K. so the really funny is, I actually AM going commando at the moment. Hahahahaha!!!!!! Oh how I love you.