Questions, Questions!

Oi everyone! It's that time of the week again! My how time flies, eh? I'm wanting your questions for my weekly Inquisition.

Mare Imbrium got her question in first DAYS ago! Yaaaaaaaaaaay Mare!! Woo hoo! (You will have your answer on Tuesday, hon) Man, I love it when lurkers like Mare de-lurk to play! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Makes my day.

I'm waiting for the others to arrive. Remember y'all, even if you get me a question late it's not a problem a'tall! I'll just save it for next week's answer session, so go on, sock it to me!

I'll be waiting in anticipation for your questions until 12:01am Tuesday, Pacific Time.

So, to quote Gwen Stefani's new single (which I freaking LOVE PEOPLE!) .........



Catrina said...

Are there any Taco Bell's in Bahrain? And number 2 is how often do you put your sheets in the wash?

cheryl b. said...

This question is NOT the one for this week! Have you seen the video for You Know You Want Me (or whatever it's called)? She isn't wearing makeup in part of and I almost had a heart attack, she is one of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Her face is always covered in so much badly done makeup that I had no idea that she is so lovely.
This question is "the one". If you could change any part of your body (excluding the baby-making parts of course)what would you have done and why?

Indigo Wolf said...

My question is: What is you greatest wish for your daughter?

-Carrie Jo