Sun, Sand, and Sea= A HAPPY ME!

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been quiet. I was at the beach all day yesterday with Arianna and Nooshi (my houseguest) and Z’s friends. Z was at work and missed the fun because his boss is an asshat of the highest caliber and made him work on the holiday weekend when there is NO BUSINESS (and no, no OT either!).

It was lovely. Not too hot and a lovely breeze. Being as fair skinned as I am, I broke out the SPF 40, which was Arianna’s, since my SPF 60 was finished. All the guys with us kicked in with the loud laughter at the whole SPF 40 thing to which I replied: “It’s only SPF 40 since I discovered this morning that my SPF 60+ is finished. You see this lovely milky white Irish skin? Trying to tan is futile. I burn, peel, and am white again in a manner of days. It’s totally pointless and unnecessary pain as well.” They behaved after that. Then, Z’s friend A, who is bald like an 8 ball swiped the bottle and slathered it all over his dome which had us all laughing in the end.

All my efforts and SPF 30 were of no use. Scarlett Cyn is, well, scarlet in places. AND I SAT UNDER SHADE ALSO! Ugh. It’s not fair, dammit. Ari got the loveliest golden tan yesterday and I got… RED. Ari’s skin is like my moms… peaches and cream and tans easily and beautifully…. Even with the SPF. SO, I’m red in the worst place, really… on my chest but fortunately it isn’t TOO red. I’ve been worse.

I must have gotten burnt when I was playing with Arianna in the sea and watching the flying fish and pelicans. I was also dodging flying wet sand and seaweed bombs in the water as well. The 3 guys we were with turned into 5 year-olds as soon as they hit the water, alternatively having seaweed/sand fights and taking turns shoving each other under the water and holding them there.

I’ve been in a lot of seawater in my life all over the world… the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean as well. But this stuff here? The saltiest stuff I’ve EVER encountered.

The best thing about the day? I swiped P’s Seattle Supersonics ball cap, (thanks babe!) put on my shades under the big umbrella, propped my sandy feet up, closed my eyes, and listened to the water lapping at the shore while sipping iced tea and feeling the breeze blowing in my hair and against my skin. I could hear the conversations going on around me, but my mind was focused on the rhythmic sound of the water on the sand. It was the most peaceful I’ve felt in ages. I must go back there soon.

Of course, there are black thunderclouds in the sky today with strong cool wind, so, I don’t think it’ll be too soon that I’m back at the beach, do you?

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bre said...

OH HOW I MISS THE BEACH! even tho i burn as easily as you do and have no mention of a tan, except fome freckles on my shoulders,i love playing in the water... i am a 23 yr old KID in all caps.love me some pools too. awesome cannonballs and marco polo (although marco polo is best played at walmart in the middle of the night over the intercoms), hey you mention salty sea, have you ever been to madeira beach? it is in florida, you being from there i was wondering. at the current moment i cannot remember exactly where it was as per tampa (my home). maybe i'll post back? i dunno. it is late.... wow. 4:16 am est i have been reading your blog, once again, all night long.... lol