Inquisition Confession - Week 8

Sorry darlings I’m a wee bit late this week. Some, ahem, inet naughtiness prevented me from posting on time. Forgive me?

Well, better late than never! Here you go babies!

Mare asked me : What was your favorite age for Arianna? Which was your least favorite? (Always cheating with the two questions, I know.)

No problem Mare! My favorite age for Arianna was from 4-6 months to about age 3 or 4. Actually, I love children at those ages in general. My least favorite? I’d have to say… um so far (?)…. NOW. I have a scary feeling that the worst is yet to come though. Could possibly be now is a pain in my ass because she is hitting puberty a bit early….

Cheryl b was kind this week and asked : What is your favorite holiday food?

Even easier. Turkey. Well, that and the Mincemeat Cake and Pumpkin Bread I make from scratch each year at this time. Speaking of which….. It’s time I get my butt in gear with the baking of goodies, innit?

Carrie Jo got me but good by asking…If you were presented with the opportunity to spend Christmas with Duran Duran, what would you get them for gifts and why?

I mean, my first response would be, um, ME with a nice big bow on my head under the Christmas tree. Then, when I mentioned to Z your question, he got all cute and mentioned the name of one of my favorite songs from their new album called “Bedroom Toys”, to which I replied, “Then again, bedroom toys would STILL constitute ME, and said bow & Christmas tree…. (well, except for Andy and Nick… they don’t really yank my chain, if you get my drift.)…”

Sigh. A difficult one that. Damn Carrie! Actually, Nick and Andy are pretty easy… Nick some new synthesizer thingamajig or electronic geegaw or perhaps something artsy fartsy because he loves those kind of things and Andy perhaps a new custom electric guitar for the very same reason! (I am assuming I breathe money, here people!) Also, for Andy? Some new shades, cause I am sick unto death of the ones he is constantly wearing dammit! The other three are a wee bit more difficult.

John, hmm…. He is a romantic sensualist if I remember correctly, so…. I think perhaps a lovely relaxing day at an excellent spa resort with lovely things like massages and spa treatments and the like. Yes, I think men should do these things too. Definetly. I’d also pray that he would DYE THAT HAIR BACK TO his lovely minky brown… cause the white blonde he’s got it now makes him look…. Well, older than he is. Otherwise, he looks just as gorgeous as before and barely aged, damn him.

Simon, he is a reader and thinker, so, most likely some good books…. And, I would STILL try and give him ME for Christmas!! How I would love to have him at my mercy for…. 24 hrs. (Simon, if you read this? I TOTALLY MEAN IT!)

Well, that's all folks! Until next week's questions, I bid you all adieu from the confessional!

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Ollie said...

John.... *sigh* Always has been, always will be steaming hot and 100% my favorite Duran. I agree with you on the hair dye. He's best natural... au naturel, even. *titillating giggle*