Yeah, that would be me. Sorry I've been on the down low lately and oh so uncharastically silent. You see, last week, my computer went completely insane and had the computer version of a nervous breakdown. It really wasn't very pretty. Not in the least. I guess my repetitive cussing at it didn't help at all. No, I don't imagine it did at that. See, Explorer decided it wasn't going to play nice with me anymore. Then other programs started going all wacked out and shutting down and freezing up, etc.. et al... so. I now am the happy owner of...........

A brand new hardrive, extra SUPER memory (Therefore upping my speed. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!You know it's all about speed with me, now don't you??) and a bunch of other stuff added in to make it all nice and purty. Yeah. So. It better be fine or I'm gonna go beat some asses bigtime, cause? I stood on their heads at the PC Doc this afternoon for THREE HOURS. (Told me it'd be ready at 11am today, I decided to be realistic and went at 4:15pm.... I left at 7:30pm cause it wasn't done! Still. ARRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Assssshats.

Do you all forgive me? Love me still? *sniff, sniff*

Post Inquisition questions for me already! You know the deal my loves: Cutoff is at 12:01am Pacific Time on Tuesday. Answers to follow.

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Indigo Wolf said...

I was afraid it was going to take something as drastic as a new hard drive for your comp. It was being too wacked out. Well, at least you're re-connected to the world, right?

Here's my question for the week: Have you ever considered being a flight attendant and why, or why not?

-Carrie Jo