My Quadruplets

Last night Angel went into labor.

I was sitting on the loveseat in my bedroom reading a book and she came and wedged herself in real tightly next to me and half on my lap. I didn't know at the time she was in labor. After a bit I noticed she couldn't seem to get comfortable and was real restless and she is purring non-stop. (she is NOT a purr machine normally) I look down at her and she is staring at me right in my eyes when I notice that at that moment her whiskers pulled together straight in front of her face. "NOW? On ME? Thanks darling!" I jump up and notice that her water for the first kitten has broken...on my cream sofa. I pick her up and gently place her in her birthing box I prepared that she refused to stay put in unless I was sitting next to it, petting her.

She was looking at me and walking around the box and I told her "Look girlie, you are TOO BIG to fit on my lap, have them here. I'm here". She meowed at me, then settled down. Then stood up again. I saw that the first baby was coming out feet first and then Angel started SCREAMING... LOUD. I've never had a cat scream like this before. but in a few minutes the baby was out and so tiny, just like it's grandma Isis. Well, excecpt that the little one has big ole testicles. hah. OBVIOUSLY A BOY. Angel was good and did everything without my help on this one.

30 minutes later at 10:07pm the second baby came out, and this sucker is HUGE and she was tired so I cleaned the sack away from the mouth and nose so it could breathe. That's a freaking HUGE kitten, I tell you. And cream-YAAY!!- But a dark cream, and I think it could end up being a Himalayan. I hope so. Daddy Max is a flame point Himmy(and is pale cream) and I was dying for a tortie Himmy like Max's mama. Fingers crossed. Both of the kittens jumped on the nipples and started nursing immediately. Good, good.

And then...... nothing. So I wait........ and .......... nothing. And I touch her sides and I can feel a kitten on either side still in there in the birth canal, her abdomen still hard and distended with the occasional contraction under my fingers. But......

No baby. And I wait some more. I get fed up waiting and make myself watch 'The Grudge' (hated it) and kept running to check on Angel and.......


2:30am rolls around and frankly, I'm beat. I told her butt goodnight and conked out.

I wake up this morning? FOUR kittens. And they are all ok. and eating. And Angel is curled around her kittens purring, a bloody mess. Poor Angel, I know she doesn't like being dirty. She is pure snow white and enjoys her bath and blowdries, so this is sucky for her.

Yes, I'm sure it is pointless to say that I've already been kissing on the kittens, but, well, I have. 3 cream and the one itty bitty white one. And their fur is a different texture, each from the other. I could just eat em up they are so cute, mewing every now and then. Awwwwwwwww kitties.

One delivery down. Two more to go. Miss Scarlett is next.

Hee hee... I'm a grandma.



cheryl b. said...

Mark is a big, hairy manly man but if you get him near little kitties he melts into a big, hairy cream-puff. We made a decision not to get any pets until we bought a house, but it is oh so hard to pass up kittens. When my sister's cat had some last year we almost caved.....sigh.
This is not THE QUESTION, but when you move back to the states to live on the commune with me and the other ladies will you be able to bring your fur babies out of the country?

Catrina said...

meow meow. Congrats Grandma Scarlett.

cheryl b. said...

Here's THE QUESTION: are there any Bloggers that you have a crush on?

Indigo Wolf said...

Yay for kitties! I love kittens sooo much. I'll have to think about my question for the week...
-Carrie Jo

Ollie said...

WEEEEEEEEEE!!! THE BABY KITTIES ARE HERE!!!! Congratulations Grandma Cyn and Mommy Angel! I must see pictures very soon.

*happily clapping*

Catrina said...

Question: This one is from Jazzy.....Do you see any American soldiers where you live?